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  • Hi!

    You and Alexpath added info for Bonus Reward XP to "Level Up" page. These rewards happen on level X while climbing to level X+1. So there is a confusion where to put this info: to level X or to level X+1.

    You chose X but Alexpath chose X+1.

    X seems more natural for this info because player is rewarded while playing on level X. On the other hand, Bonus XP values are fractions of the Level Up XP value from row X+1 in this table, so it is tempting to put them together. Moreover, when you level up you also receive a bonus so it is logical to put these things together into a single column.

    How about the following format (for row X):

    • <bonus_xp_1>
    • <bonus_xp_2>
    • <bonus_xp_3>
    • <level_up_xp> (level up to X+1)

    For example, for level 76 (there are 4 intermediate bonuses at this level):

    • 90,600
    • 181,200
    • 271,800
    • 362,400
    • 453,000 (level up to 77)
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    • Hello!

      I think this is an excellent call to make. I suspected there would be confusion about integrating the new bonus rewards, since it's a new feature for Township and therefore for the wiki, but I like your proposed solution. Thanks for catching these inconsistencies! I'll try to make this clear in the article body/table label when I have a minute.

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    • Whomstdis, Alexpath, please review proposed formatting changes on Level Up page.

      Looking at it now, number in "(level up to 77)" seems redundant.

      How about changing it to "453,000 (level up)" to save some space?

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    • FourLegs, I wish we could do something to conserve space, but my concern is that without saying which level you're levelling up to it would still create confusion about whether the XP requirement refers to level X or X+1, especially now that the small font level requirements have been taken out of the first column.

      Additional thoughts?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I was wondering what the statues for the achievement hall of fame where? I cant find the statues in the decorations. And i really want the achievement.

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    • The statues for the Walk of Fame achievement are in the Decorations category of the Building (construction hat) window. To find them more easily, go to your Decorations category, press the right arrow by the tabs at the very top, until you see the last possible tab - it's the star icon. These are all the Walk of Fame statues. You can see all of them on the wiki here:

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Whomstdis, I'm an admin for the Township Wiki community.
    Welcome and thank you for your edit to Event Market!

    If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here.

    You can post any questions in the Questions & Answers board or explore the Forums & Blogs.
    Most of the Wikis information can be found on the Township Wiki Content page.

    Please leave me a message if you need help with anything.
    Enjoy your time at the Township Wiki!

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