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Mine Information

The Mine can be restored with 3,000 coins at level 21. It takes 1 day and 6 hours to build. You will receive 128xp after completion.

You can move the Mine once it's been restored. In the Mine you will see dirt, stone and rocks together with picks, dynamite and TNT which you have received from your trains, zoo decks, or cash purchases.

Every artifact excavated in the mine brings you closer to completing a collection at the museum. You can only find three of each artifact and when you have one of each artifact you'll be rewarded with T-cash.

  • 1 of each artifact in the collection = 4 or 5 T-cash
  • 2 of each artifact in the collection = 7 T-cash
  • 3 of each artifact in the collection = 10 T-cash (Complete Collection)

Mine Goods

Mine Playrix Image.png

Ores, clay, gems, artifacts, messages in bottles, mining tools, and treasure rooms/chests.

Goods Image Description
Dealer Available Icon.png
Help Icon.png
Bronze Ore
Bronze Ore.png
Used for other recipes. See below. 3xp 13 8
Silver Ore
Silver Ore.png
Used for other recipes. See below. 4xp 13 6
Gold Ore
Gold Ore.png
Used for other recipes. See below. 5xp 9 4
Platinum Ore
Platinum Ore.png
Used for other recipes. See below. 6xp 9 2
Used for other recipes. See below.
Mine with picks only.
Appears in the Mine starting from Level 58.
17xp 11 8


Obtainable from trains,
completing zoo orders,
chests, House of Luck,
Dealer or purchase with T-cash.
1xp 15 5


2xp 5 3


2xp 5 2
Artifact Ring.png
Will be placed in the Museum.
Starts appear after building the museum.
- - -
Currency for special purchases.
Mine Coin.png
Random amount of coins.
(About 50-350 coins)
in a Bottle
Message in a Bottle Mine.png
Random friends give you rewards.
(1 T-cash, Mining Tools, Coins)
Cash Chests
Cash Chest Mine.png
Costs 3 T-cash to open.
(Gems, T-cash,
Construction Materials, Zoo Cards etc.)
Treasure Chests
Treasure Chest Mine.png
Free to open (Max 2 in room).
(Gems, T-cash, Tools, etc.)

Mine Goods in Other Recipes


Bronze Ore

Silver Ore

Gold Ore

Platinum Ore


Inside the mine you will see a blue box called "Warehouse". Your ore will be stored in the warehouse where you can see how much of each type you have. You can sell your ore as well, but that's not a good idea. Your warehouse has unlimited storage. Once smelted into an ingot, however, the ingot is stored in the barn.

Ore is taken from the warehouse when smelting ingots in the Foundry. You need five ores to make an ingot.

Warehouse Warehouse Inventory
Warehouse Inventory.png

Mine Tile Types

Picture Tile Type Description
Clay Tile.png
Clay Mining this gives you clay which is used to produce items in the Plastics Factory, Doll Factory, Perfume Factory and Kitchenware Factory.

Note: Only use picks to mine it because dynamite, TNT and explosive boxes will destroy it. Starts appearing from level 58.

Clay Hidden.png
The clay will be lit up if you clear a tile near it. Be careful not to destroy it.
Dirt light.jpg
Dirt Takes 1 hit to remove. Save Dynamite and TNT for stone. Sometimes dirt and stone contain ores, gems, dynamite, picks, etc.
Stone light.jpg
Stone Takes 2 hits from picks or dynamite to remove it.
However TNT can remove stones in 1 hit.
Stone shadow.jpg
It's best to use TNT to clear areas with many stone tiles.
Rock light.jpg
Can't be removed. Usually valuable goods can be found in areas with many rocks. Look for patterns and mine carefully to avoid wasting tools.
Explosive Box It explodes if hit with any mining tool. It removes a big area of tiles around it, and can set off a chain reactions with other explosive boxes nearby.

Explosive Box

Tips for Explosive Boxes Explosive Box Range
  • Explosives Boxes remove 8 tiles around and 4 tiles outward.
  • 1 hit from any mining tool will detonate it.
  • Some areas are loaded with explosive boxes and valuable goods.
  • Only hit single explosive boxes to destroy stone or multiple dirt tiles containing ores, etc.
Example Explosive Box.png

Mining Strategy

Mine Tips and Tricks Playrix.png

The ideal way would be to remove all tiles on your way down, so you don't miss any hidden treasures. However, tools are limited so you have to use tools effectively while mining. Also there are hidden holes which often hide mine goods. Another thing to note is anything that reaches the top of the mining screen that you've extracted will automatically be collected, so you don't have to worry about losing them. The Message in a Bottles do not automatically collect, you must select these to collect the reward.

Note: There's a new booster for the mine called 'See the Light' which makes ore and artifacts from the darkened areas in the mine visible. Save a lot of mining tools, so you can make the most of the booster.

Mining Efficiently

Tips for using Picks Pick Preview
Picks remove 1 tile at a time.
  • Use picks to dig deeper into the mine or remove tiles with mine goods.
  • It takes 2 hits to remove stone, so it's better to use TNT in some cases.
  • Save at least 50-100 picks for Regatta mining tasks.
Example Pick.png
Tips for using Dynamite
Dynamite removes 1 row of tiles at a time.
  • It's best used in the middle where there's a row above and below it with hidden tiles.
  • If there's 1 stone block you can use 1 pickaxe then dynamite to clear the row (See example below).
  • Save at least 20-50 dynamite for Regatta mining tasks.
Example Dynamite.png
Tips for using TNT Example using TNT
TNT removes a square of 3x3 tiles (8 tiles around it).
  • TNT works best when there are many stone bricks or mine goods surrounding the area. (See example on right).
  • Usually areas with lots of stone contain mine goods, though in some cases you can remove dirt and avoid the area.
  • Save at least 20-50 TNT for Regatta mining tasks.
Example TNT.png

Mining Tutorial

Here you can watch a short tutorial of how to work yourself through the mine using the different tools.
You will soon find your own strategy that works best for you.


Township - Mining Strategy

Clay Tutorial


How to- Clay Tutorial

Are you dreaming of becoming top-notch miners, guys? Watch Township's newest tutorial on extracting clay!

A helpful Tutorial on Extracting Clay

Hiring Dealer for Ores

A great way to get ores is from hiring the dealer while he's on sale (72 Tcash for 10 Days).

  • You can buy 13 bronze/silver ores or 9 gold/platinum ores every hour from the dealer.
  • Search back and forth between 2 types of ore until you get either 9 or 13 of the ore you need.
  • Using the dealer you might not even have to mine at all, unless you want artifacts or demand is of Mining Task in Regatta.

Treasure Rooms

Hidden Treasure Room
  • Treasure Rooms are found in every 50 to 100 metre deep, while excavating the the mine containing coins, treasure and cash chests.
  • They have unique backgrounds and are surrounded in rock (Example below).
  • Entrances are typically blocked by stone tiles, and in some cases a side can be blocked with rock.
Treasure Room.png
Revealed Treasure Room
  • After removing the tiles blocking the entrance the Treasure Room will light up and reveal it's rewards.
  • Treasure rooms contain at least 1 cash or treasure chest (2 treasure chests max).
  • The coin piles give about 700-1,100+ coins each.
Treasure Room Revealed.png

Obtaining Mining Tools

  • Some trains return with a box containing a bunch of mining tools.
  • Tools are found buried in the mine itself (in chests, bottles, and tiles).
  • Winning tools by playing games using clovers at the House of Luck.
  • Treasure chests found in your town or your friends', or pay an ingot to get a chest brought back by ships.
  • You can win mining tools during Events or participate in regatta.
  • You can always use Township Cash to buy tools with a discount at City Market, or in the mine using the original price below.

Mining Tool T-cash Costs

Tools x1 x3 x5 x10 x15
Pick Cash.png 1 - Cash.png 4 - Cash.png 10
Dynamite Cash.png 3 Cash.png 8 - Cash.png 21 -
TNT Cash.png 3 Cash.png 8 - Cash.png 21 -

Message in a Bottle

Mine Facebook Friend.png

While you are connected to Facebook in-game, the Message in a Bottle will appear from a random Facebook friend, rather than Old Jake.

Rockets Perk

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