Mayor's Cup
Mine Time Event

The Mine Time Event was first held September 5th to September 7th 2019. The event happens periodically and qualifies for the Champion Mayor achievement. Ore Galore is held during this event since Apr 18, 2020.


Excavate the Mine, by using tools to score competition points. Scoring more points gets you better prizes and a higher spot on the leader board!

Mine Time

Complete your personal goal by earning 7 points to compete with real players and see who can excavate the longest distance in the Mine.



  • Save tools for one week or more before the event. Avoid Regatta mining tasks and don't dig in the mine before the event.
  • If you have very few tools, then you could use pickaxes to just dig straight down and ignore all the ore so that you can get a higher event score or use the See the Light Laboratory booster to mine more efficiently.
  • Buy pickaxes and in the city market using Tcash, when available. You can also hire Raja, the market dealer, to buy 15 pickaxes every hour with coins. You can also purchase other mining tools.
  • Ore Galore is an event that sometimes occurs along with Mine Time. With Ore Galore, you get twice as much ore when you extract ore from the mine. You can maximize the amount of ore you get during the tournament if you continue to gather tools and wait to start the Mine Time event until after Ore Galore starts.

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Event TournamentEdit

The tournament unlocks when you complete your first (personal) goal. Go to the competition tab and compete against 29 other players. If you place in the the top three at the end of the event, then you will receive greater rewards.
Goal Requirement Rewards Preview
Personal Goal 7 Points • 10- 30 Pickaxes
• 5-15 Dynamite
• 5-10 TNT
Place Titles Rewards Preview
1st Fearless Treasure Hunter • 50 Tcash
• 10 Bronze Ingots
Bronze ingot
2nd-3rd Weathered Speleologists • 30 Tcash
• 7 Bronze Ingot
Bronze ingot
4th-7th Underground Explorers • 5 Bricks
• 5 Bronze Ingot
Bronze ingot
8th-12th Jolly Miners • 2 Nails
• Coins
13th-19th Tireless Diggers • Coins
20th-30th Newbie Miners • Coins

Event ScheduleEdit

  1. Sep 5-7, 2019
  2. Nov 15-18, 2019
  3. Dec 27-30, 2019
  4. Jan 31-Feb 3(?), 2020
  5. Apr 18-21, 2020 (Ore Galore Apr 18-20)
  6. Sep 3-8, 2020 (Ore Galore Sep 4, 7)
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