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This page contains information about content that was previously in mobile version but got removed.

Mint worker

Here you could mint coins by using ingots. You could 'sell' ingots for more than you would get from the barn.

Similar to Foundry, the mint can only make 1 coin product at a time and cannot be upgraded. Players need to collect finished coins from the worker above before making a new one.

The Mint isn't so useful unless you've upgraded all factories, trains, ships in Academy of Industry and prefer coins to rare island goods from ships. Moreover, all types of product requires too many bronze ingot so it doesn't help with players who have a lot of silver, gold or platinum ingot.


In a mobile update released on March 17 2019, the mint was removed and replaced with the Tool Exchange in mobile version. All players were refunded 15,000 coins following its removal.


Product Materials Selling Ingots Sold at Mint Time
Handful of Coins
Handful of coins
3Bronze ingot 3 x 96 coins
(288 coins)
600 coins 7h
Stack of Coins
Stack of coins
4Bronze ingot
1Silver ingot
4 x 96 coins
1 x 144 coins
(528 coins)
1050 coins 11h
Sack of Coins
Sack of coins
5Bronze ingot
1Gold ingot
5 x 96 coins
1 x 204 coins
(684 coins)
1500 coins 14h
Box of Coins
Box of coins
6Bronze ingot
1Platinum ingot
6 x 96 coins
1 x 300 coins
(876 coins)
2000 coins 18h
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