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Museum InformationEdit

The Museum is a Special Building and can be bought for 8,000 coins once your population reaches 1,280.

It is where artifacts you have found in the mine or islands are displayed. The mines artifacts are known as the Archaeological Exhibit or Archaeology, and the islands artifacts are known as the Sea Exhibit or Around the World. Artifacts earned by sending ships to various islands are more difficult to obtain considering it requires ingots to send off ships to find Treasure Chests. Even then Chests aren't guaranteed to hold artifacts.

Museum unlocks at level 25.

Artifact InformationEdit

Artifacts from the Archaeology collections are found by excavating them in the Mine.

  • New artifacts are available to be discovered after reaching certain depths within the mine.

Artifacts from the Around the World collections are obtained from sending off Ships.

  • New artifacts can be found by sending ships to any or specific islands depending on the collection.
  • Treasure Chests contain random items and have a chance to contain an artifact.

Museum RewardsEdit

You get Tcash every time you complete a collection of 1 to 3 of every artifact.
Note: Only 3 of each artifact can be found.

Archaeology Rewards Around the World Rewards
  • 1 of each artifact = 4 or 5 Tcash.
  • 2 of each artifact = 7 Tcash.
  • 3 of each artifact = 10 Tcash.
  • 1 of each artifact = 5 Tcash.
  • 2 of each artifact = 10 Tcash.
  • 3 of each artifact = 15 Tcash.

Artifact LocationsEdit

Completed collections are bold. You can help by uploading missing artifacts on the Screenshots page.

  • All 345 artifacts or 69 collections are complete since Township v7.4.1
Mine Artifacts Island Artifacts
Showroom Collection Depth Showroom Collection Island
Showroom I
Stone Age 0m Showroom IV
Sunken Ship Any
Wind Instruments 0m Eastern Bazaar Frutus
Crystals 100m Underwater World Any
Pottery Artifacts 200m Sporting Events Olivia
Shoes 300m Tourist Equipment Any
Masks 400m Islander Life Tropica
History of Science 500m Ship Models Any
The Farm of Yore 600m Good Catch Fishermen's
Stringed Instruments 700m Spicery Frutus
Seashells 800m Legacy of the Gods Olivia
Clocks 950m Showroom V
Woodwork Tropica
Showroom II
Tableware 1,100m Pirate Chest Any
Lock Set 1,350m Survivor Any
Antique Fans 1,500m Totems Tropica
Roman Warriors 1,650m Fortuneteller's Tools Frutus
Art 1,800m Fishing Bait Fishermen's
Telephones 1,950m Animal Figurines Any
The Evolution of Writing 2,100m Navigation Any
Knight's Gear 2,250m Secret Agent Any
Glassware 2,400m Treasures of the East Frutus
Sport Memorabilia 2,550m Showroom VI
Gambling Any
Blacksmithing 2,600m Gladiator's Equipment Olivia
Showroom III
Dolls 2,800m Tropical Cocktails Tropica
Ancestral Charms 3,000m Trains Any
Antique Hats 3,200m Checkmate Any
Antique Pistols 3,500m Vases Olivia
Light Fixtures 4,000m Diving Equipment Fishermen's
Sound Preservers 4,500m Shaman's Tent Tropica
Jewelery 5,000m Postage Stamps Any
Coins 5,500m Legends and Myths Frutus
Samurai's Path -
Ahead of Time
Tea Ceremony
Secret Holders
Extraterrestrial Civilizations
Finding a princess
History's Greatest Mysteries
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Museum Navigation
Archaeology: Showroom I - Showroom II - Showroom III
Around the World: Showroom IV - Showroom V - Showroom VI
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