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Need for Seeds Event

Aug 6 ~ 13, 2020

Need for seeds introduction Edit

In this event you send trucks to the Farmers Market by avoiding the obstacles you may face in the road. Fill the Fuel for trucks in the temporary event factory next to the Event Center


Temporary event goods Edit

These are the Goods produced in the factories, for the event.

Recipes Material
Dealer Available Icon
Help Icon
Made in
Fuel Level 8
Free 5m 0xp

30 coins

0 0 Event Center
Fruit Salad Level 29
Fruit Salad
2 Peach
1 Plum
3 Strawberry
1h 91xp 212 coins 9 3 Snack Factory
Fruit Crate Level 34
Fruit Crate
2 Plastic 1h 15m 78xp 181 coins 9 3 Plastics Factory
Plaid Shirt Level 14
Field Shirt
3 Cotton fabric 1h 30m 60xp 139 coins 9 3 Tailor Shop
Level 18
2 Paper 45m 20xp 46 coins 12 3 Paper Factory

Need For Seeds Event GuideEdit

Seeds Trucks
  • Produce Vehicle Fuel in the Fuel Factory.
  • Reach the Farmer's Market, by tapping the trucks and avoiding collision with a car.
  • Earn chests, use boosters and overcome obstacles to collect stars.

Traffic Light Edit


Traffic Lights 

A special booster helps you in getting through the traffic, only for one time though!

Prize WheelEdit

Need for Seeds1

Spin the prize wheel to unlock the competition.

Collect stars while reaching the Farmer's Market to spin the prize wheel once and earn one of the rewards listed below. There is no limit on the number of spins you get during the event, but you will need more event points for each subsequent spin of the prize wheel.

Reward quantitiesEdit

The more you spin, the more you win. Tap an image to learn about the reward.

3 to 100 Cash
1 Deck (with zoo cards)
2,000 to 40,000 Coin
1 to 5 Load Coupon
1 Dealers Coupon
2 to 8 Bronze ingot
1 to 7 Silver ingot
1 to 5 Gold ingot
1 to 4 Platinum ingot
1 to 3 Paint
1 to 3 Nails
1 to 3 Hammer
1 to 3 Brick
1 to 2 Glass
1 to 2 Slabs
5 to 20 Pickaxe
2 to 18 Dynamite
1 to 15 TNT
1 to 5 Topaz
1 to 5 Emerald
1 to 3 Ruby
3 to 5 Event Fuel
1 Lab Booster
1 Need for Seeds Event Decoration

Profile Pic 201

Profile Pic 201

Need for Seeds Event TournamentEdit

The tournament unlocks once you've completed your (first) personal goal.

Go to the Competition tab and compete against 29 real players. If you place in the top three by the end of the event, you will receive greater rewards.

Rewards vary depending on your level and whether you have collected all zoo cards or already have a profile picture.
Place Titles Rewards Preview
1st Logistic Expert • 50 Tcash
• 1 Epic Deck (50 Cards)

Profile Pic 164
Epic Deck
Profile Pic 164
2nd-3rd Legendary Drivers • 30 Tcash
• 1 Epic Deck (30 Cards)
Profile Pic 164
Epic Deck
Profile Pic 164
4th-7th Model Truckers • 2 hammers
• 1 Rare Deck (15 cards)
Rare Deck
8th-12th Veteran Drivers • 2 Glass
• 1 Regular Deck (10 cards)
Regular Deck
13th-19th Seasoned Experts • 500-5,500 coins
20th-30th Driving Experts • 100 - 1000 coins


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