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This page contains information about outdated content in Township, but Playrix has not announced its removal. Please do not edit the contents of this page unless there are major changes in the game, but you can still comment on it.

New Lease on Life 2.png
New Lease on Life
  • Set up a colourful tent at the Town Fair!
  • Beat levels to win renovation tickets.
  • Win prizes for your unique design solutions!

The Buy One, Get One Free! special offer may occur during this event.

Event Guide

Expand or collapse this table to show or hide the event guide.
Town Fair Guide 1.png
Town Fair Guide 2.png
Town Fair Guide 3.png
Town Fair Guide 4.png
Town Fair Guide 5.png
Town Fair Guide 6.png
Town Fair Guide 7.png
Town Fair Guide 8.png

If applicable, at the end of the event, the event host will appear with a message that the temporary event goods are sold from your barn, and advises the fee amount Coin.png.

Buying Powerups

All powerups can be bought with T-cash.

Powerups can only be activated or used before starting a level.
Powerup Image Description Cost
Powerup Rocket.png
Activates a rocket at a random place Cash.png 15
Powerup Bomb.png
Activates a bomb at a random place Cash.png 21
Powerup Fireworks.png
Activates a firework at a random place Cash.png 30
Super Power-ups can only be activated while playing a level.
Super Powerup Image Description Cost
Super Powerup Hammer.png
Tap a piece to remove it along with the pieces on each side Cash.png 36
Super Powerup Tractor.png
Tap any piece to remove all the pieces in that row Cash.png 48
Super Powerup Plane.png
Tap any piece to remove the pieces in that column Cash.png 54
Super Powerup Magnet.png
Tap any piece to remove all the pieces of that color Cash.png 66

Buying Lives

When you lose a life, life is refilled every 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can buy lives.

Lives 1 2 3
T-cash Cash.png 10 Cash.png 24 Cash.png 35

Event Tips

  • Color Splash Event may be a similar event.
  • If you see a board you don't like, just exit (press the cross in the top right corner), you won't lose a life. Do that until you see a nice board where there are enough elements you can match.
  • Concentrate on the goal. For example, if the goal is tiles, ignore sludge/slime.
  • Take your time and strategize. Making bombs is a good move. Combining bombs is even better.
  • If you are able to - removing all slime stops it growing.

Renovation Stages

Town Fair Guide 9.png
No. Renovation Item Tickets Required Image
1 Clean Up Ticket Town Fair.png10 Town Fair Clean Up.png
2 Main Deck Ticket Town Fair.png20 Town Fair Main Deck.png
3 Side Deck Ticket Town Fair.png15 Town Fair Side Deck.png
4 Tent with Lights Ticket Town Fair.png60 Town Fair Tent with Lights.png
5 Tables Ticket Town Fair.png45 Town Fair Tables.png
6 Cupboards Ticket Town Fair.png10 Town Fair Cupboards.png
7 Shelf Ticket Town Fair.png90 Town Fair Shelf.png
8 Stools Ticket Town Fair.png70 Town Fair Stools.png
9 Stuffed Toys Ticket Town Fair.png135 Town Fair Stuffed Toys.png
10 Wooden Toys Ticket Town Fair.png130 Town Fair Wooden Toys.png
11 Table for Treats Ticket Town Fair.png150 Town Fair Table for Treats.png
12 Pudding Ticket Town Fair.png10 Town Fair Pudding.png
13 Globe and Telescope Ticket Town Fair.png145 Town Fair Globe and Telescope.png
14 Desserts Ticket Town Fair.png220 Town Fair Desserts.png
15 Ring Toss Ticket Town Fair.png155 Town Fair Ring Toss.png
16 Bell Ticket Town Fair.png120
17 Balloons Ticket Town Fair.png195 Town Fair Balloons.png
18 Cotton Candy Ticket Town Fair.png210
19 Cushions Ticket Town Fair.png210
20 Garland Ticket Town Fair.png270
21 Chest Ticket Town Fair.png240
22 Refreshments Ticket Town Fair.png10
23 Side Table Ticket Town Fair.png270
24 Refreshing Lemonade Ticket Town Fair.png290
25 Model Ship Ticket Town Fair.png300
26 Sign Ticket Town Fair.png340

Event Rewards

Personal Rewards 1.png

Rewards are given at fixed points during the room renovation event.

Reward 1
awarded after additional 5
renovations completed
Barn Upgrade Materials.png
Mine Tools Task.png
Reward 2
awarded after additional 13
renovations completed
Rare Deck.png
x1 or
Record Demand Booster.png
x1 Booster
At the end of this stage, the unfinished room will be available in your Town Hall Locations tab.
Reward 3
awarded after additional 25
renovations completed
Factory Upgrade Coupon.png
x1 Coupon
Profile Picture Event Decoration

Event History

To see the information for the renovations in the past, see these pages:

  1. Hammer Time Event/1: April 23, 2020 (Mayor's Office) (Road Plotting)
  2. Hammer Time Event/2: July 24, 2020 (Mayor's Perfect Bungalow) (Road Plotting)
  3. Hammer Time Event/3: October 22, 2020 (Emma's Castle) (Match-2)
  4. Surprise for Santa Event: December 17, 2020 (Santa’s Workshop) (Snow Ride)
  5. Movie Night Event: January 28, 2021 (Open Air Cinema) (Match-2)
  6. New Lease on Life Event/1: April 15, 2021 (Lake House) (Match-2)
  7. New Lease on Life Event/2: May 6, 2021 (Town Fair) (Match-2)
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