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Perks are special items that are available during the Gold Pass and Season Adventure (Golden Ticket) events. These are not boosters.

  • All perks expire at the conclusion of an event, such as "Spacious Barn".
  • You do not regain these perks when a new event starts; a new event will bring new rewards and perks.
  • Perks will vary for each event.

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In alphabetical order:

Perk Description & Range
Airbonus Perk.png
Get a bonus chest for filling all the crates in two airplane cargo holds (may contain coins, ingots, tools, building materials, etc).
Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Belt Perk.png
Queue Orders at the helicopter pad.
Conveyor Belt Master
Conveyor Belt Master Perk.png
Change the order of your production slots at your factories.
Dear Dairy
Dear Dairy Perk.png
Reduces Dairy Factory times
(% varies -15% to -50%)
Double Luck
Double Luck Perk.png
The number of clovers you get for helping friends and co-op members doubles. The maximum number of clovers that you can keep increases.
Clover storage increases from 50 to 100
Express Train
Express Train Perk.png
Trains will come faster by 20%
(1, 2 then 3 trains)
Farm Bonus
Farm Bonus Perk.png
Farms (i.e. animals and mushroom farm) produce goods faster
(% varies -10% to -30%)
Flash Flight
Flash Flight Perk.png
Reduces plane return time
(% varies -20% to -60%)
Generous Customer
Generous Customer Perk.png
Gain more coins from customer orders
(% varies +10% to +40%)
Generous Market
Generous Market Perk.png
Market and Dealer have more goods for sale
Helicopter Help
Helicopter Help Perk.png
Ask for help with 1 to 3 orders at the helicopter pad. Your friends can choose which to help in case the order requires 2 or more goods. You can immediately request help for a new one when the older one is fully helped, sent or dumped
(% varies +1 to +3)
Helping Hands
Helping Hands Perk.png
Pay Cash.png 1 to help friends without using your own goods
Material Request in Co-op
Co-op Booster Perk.png
Possibility to make daily requests for materials and tools from co-op members.
Range: 1-2 depend on material
New tasks at Once
New Tasks at Once Perk.png
Event tasks are replaced with new ones as soon as you complete them
Quantum Leap
Quantum Leap Perk.png
Activate 4 lab boosters at the same time
Rich Fields
Rich Fields Perk.png
Crops grow faster (% varies)
-10% to -30%
Rockets Perk.png
Rockets clear three (3) random tiles
in the mine and unblock the adjacent ones
Spacious Barn
Spacious Barn Perk.png
Increases barn capacity (% varies)
See additional notes below the table
+10% to +20%
Spacious Railcars
Spacious Railcars Perk.png
One, two, or three railcars will bring more construction materials depending on the stage of the perk
(1, 2 then 3 railcars)
Speedy Construction
Speedy Construction Perk.png
Reduce construction time
(% varies -30% to -60%)
Two Minutes
Two Minutes Perk.png
Complete anything early for free when there is only two minutes left (later for wheat and bread) for a product or crop to be finished

Notes for Spacious Barn

Spacious Barn Perk.png If you are over the capacity of your barn at the end of the event, your inventory remains in the barn. You won't be able to add any further items to your barn until you've used up or sold off enough inventory to have your barn below your normal capacity level. One option is to turn on the Generous Customer helicopter booster and complete helicopter orders.