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Pig farm

Pig Farm

Feeding AnimalsEdit

Feed animals with feed produced at the Feed Mill. There's enough feed in each bag for 3 animals.
To feed the hungry animals drag a sack of feed from the bottom panel across all of them.

Pig Farm InformationEdit

Pig farm

The pig farm has 3 pigs after buying it. You can buy 3 more with coins for a max of 6 pigs in each farm. For more information on other animals including the cost and levels required you can visit Farm Buildings.

Pig Farm Farm
Animal 4 Cost Animal 5 Cost Animal 6 Cost
Pig farm
Pig Farm 1 lvl 42 12,000 1d19h ? 2100 2400 3150
Pig Farm 2 lvl 54 35,000  2d9h 1448xp 12600 14000 15400

Pig Farm GoodsEdit

You can view a list of all goods on the Goods page or view all upgrades at the Academy of Industry.

General table information can be found here
Level Goods Materials
lvl 1 Pig
Feed x3
2 wheat
2 carrot
1 corn
40m 4xp 10 coins
lvl 42 Bacon
1 pig feed 7h 14xp 32 coins

Bacon RecipesEdit

Laboratory BoosterEdit

The laboratory booster Advanced Farming allows animals to produce twice as many goods for 2 days.

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