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Pig farm
Pig Farm

Feeding AnimalsEdit

Feed animals with feed produced at the Feed Mill. There's enough feed in each bag for 3 animals.
To feed the hungry animals drag a sack of feed from the bottom panel across all of them.

Pig Farm InformationEdit

Pig farm

The pig farm has 3 pigs after buying it. You can buy 3 more with coins for a max of 6 pigs in each farm. For more information on other animals including the cost and levels required you can visit Farm Buildings.

Pig Farm Farm
Animal 4 Cost Animal 5 Cost Animal 6 Cost
Pig farm
Pig Farm 1 lvl 42 12,000 1d19h ? 2100 2400 3150
Pig Farm 2 lvl 54 35,000  2d9h 1448xp 12600 14000 15400

Pig Farm GoodsEdit

You can view a list of all goods on the Goods page or view all upgrades at the Academy of Industry.

General table information can be found here
Level Goods Materials
lvl 42 Pig
Feed x3
2 wheat
2 carrot
1 corn
40m 4xp 10 coins
lvl 42 Bacon
1 pig feed 7h 14xp 32 coins

Bacon RecipesEdit

Laboratory BoosterEdit

The laboratory booster Advanced Farming allows animals to produce twice as many goods for 2 days.

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