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Pirate Treasure.png
  • Flip cards to win rewards. They get better as you progress.
  • Beware the black mark. You'll lose your rewards if you pick it.
  • You can claim your rewards at any moment.

Event Guide

Playrix Township Pirate Treasure.jpg

Try your luck with the Pirate Treasure Event! This game is based on random selection. Take your pick from four cards and find the rewards. There is a black mark on one of the cards. If you pick it, you lose all your rewards! Don't worry - you can use T-cash to save them and keep playing!

You can stop playing and collect your rewards whenever you want! However, the longer you stay in the game, the more valuable the prizes you can get. Complete all the stages to get the bonus super prize!

You can see the probability of receiving rewards here. Pick a card and test your luck! 🍀

  • Best of luck :)
  • The T-cash amount to continue play is very high.
  • The time to wait for the next round is very high.
  • The chance of winning all the rewards without reviving using T-cash is approximately 1/4200, which is equal to (4*3^29)/(4^30)
  • Pirate Treasure Black Mark Card.png The black actually purple.
Pirate Treasure 1.png
Pirate Treasure 2.png
Pirate Treasure 3.png
Pirate Treasure 4.png
Pirate Treasure 5.png
Pirate Treasure 6.png
Pirate Treasure 7.png
Pirate Treasure Continue 1.png
Pirate Treasure Continue 2.png
Pirate Treasure Leave.png

Event History

  1. January 2021
  2. February 2021
  3. March 12, 2021
  4. May 3, 2021
  5. May 31, 2021
  6. August 30, 2021
  7. October, 2021
  8. November 8, 2021
  9. November 29, 2021
  10. December 30, 2021
  11. January 17, 2022
  12. February 14, 2022
  13. March 21, 2022
  14. April 18, 2022
  15. May 9, 2022


  • It is possible to get another free attempt at the time it ends. To do this, get ready on the event screen before it ends and when it is available for free, click play. You can technically have infinite attempts by staying on the event screen for as many days as you want.
  • The time to wait for your next round was 24 hours.

Event History

  • The game will let you continue for free after your first Black Mark card. If you are on a streak, keep it going! (This was only true of the first event).
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