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December 2020

Professors Experiments Nov 2020.png

Character Discussion

Professor Verne

Hello there! I have some exciting news. I think I’ve found the answer to one of life’s biggest questions!
I just need to conduct a few experiments to test my hypothesis. Can you help me with that?
In exchange for your help, I’ll share some of my latest inventions that will help you develop your town.

Professors Experiments Christmas Banner.png

Professor Verne's experiments is a recurring special Township event, where you complete regular tasks to earn electric chargeEnergy.PNG.
When you earn a certain amount of charge, you can get rewards.
You have to collect the rewards and perks after you gain enoughEnergy.PNG to earn that reward or perk. They are not automatically added to your inventory.
Rewards last beyond the event and Perks expire at the conclusion of the event. You do not regain perks when a new event starts; a new event brings new rewards and perks.

Rewards include coins, Township cash, gems, materials, co-op chat stickers, skins, expansion coupons and many others.

From v7.8, some rewards are themed and safes are given with additional rewards if players have 3,350 Energy.PNG or more. They can open unlimited safes but they need more Energy.PNG to open them. All rewards in current and past events can be found in the reward tables below.

Gold Pass

Professors Experiment Dec2020 Gold Pass.png

To get additional rewards and perks, you can also purchase the Gold Pass Gold Pass.png, using real money (typically about $4.99 Prices vary by country i.e $7.45AU).
Earned rewards and perks can be obtained by purchasing the Gold Pass at any point during the event.
You get the best value for your money by purchasing the Gold Pass at the beginning of the event because you will have the Perks for the longest period of time.

Gold Pass Gifts

Gold Pass Gifts Christmas.png

A notification is posted in your co-op chat when you purchase a Gold Pass which allows 11 co-op members (not you) to claim a T-cash gift. This notification will remain in your co-op chat until all of the gifts are claimed, for a maximum of 7 days. It will move to the bottom of the co-op chat until it expires or all the gifts have been claimed.
If a co-op member purchases a Gold Pass you will have the opportunity to claim one of the 11 T-cash gifts in your co-op chat.


You complete two kinds of tasks to earn Energy.PNG. They are daily tasks and ongoing tasks.

Daily Tasks

There are 3 daily tasks each day. They give Energy.PNG 10 and they expire after 24 hours. The daily tasks will be replaced with new daily tasks, even if they are not completed.
Examples are:

Ongoing Tasks

Ongoing tasks are released weekly. These are more complicated tasks which expire when the event ends. They give more points when they are released if the event is nearly ending. Press on an upcoming task to see when it unlocks.

Examples are: Energy.PNG 25-75 Tasks:

  • Harvest a certain number of Crops (increasing as your level increases from 600 +)
  • Earn a certain number of Coins (amount depends on your level)
  • Use 40+ Units of Cream to make other items
  • Use 40+ Units of Butter to make other items
  • Use 40+ Units of Cheese to make other items
  • Use 40+ Units of Milk to make other items
  • Feed 60+ Animals
  • Collect 30+ Bricks from any source
  • Complete 12-25 Zoo Orders (amount depends on your level)
  • Feed 60 Animals
  • Send 15 ships using Ingots
  • Play 15-35 times at the House of Luck
  • Spend 3000 coins at the market
  • Use 30 Units of Syrup to make other items
  • Share 50 goods at the co-op
  • Excavate 300 units of ore in the Mine
  • Upgrade the Barn x1
  • Send 25 gifts to friends

Energy.PNG 100-125 Tasks:

  • Send any combination of 75 Trains, Full Airplanes, Ships or Helicopters
  • Smelt 35 Ingots
  • Upgrade the Barn 2-4 times
  • Help other players, in the Zoo, Airport and Train 100 Times
  • Activate 10 Boosters at the lab
  • Harvest 900 crops
  • Collect 50+ Glass from any source
  • Collect 50+ Red Paint from any source
  • Open 15 Hot air balloon chests


All perks expire at the conclusion of an event. Perks vary by event. Current (with a Green Tick.png icon) and previous (with a Red X.png icon) perks for events are listed in the event reward tables.

Perk Image Description Range
Green Tick.pngSpacious Barn
Spacious Barn Perk.png
Increases Barn storage space ( % varies )
See additional notes below the table.
+10% to +20%
Green Tick.pngSpeedy Construction
Speedy Construction Perk.png
Reduce construction time.
( % varies )
-30% to -60%
Green Tick.pngGenerous Customer
Generous Customer Perk.png
Gain more coins from customer orders.
( % varies )
+10% to +40%
Green Tick.pngAirbonus
Airbonus Perk.png
Get bonus chests (may contain coins, ingots, tools, building materials, etc.) for filling all crates in two cargo holds.
Green Tick.pngConveyor Belt Master
Conveyor Belt Master Perk.png
Change the order of your production slots at your factories.
Red X.pngMaterials request in the co-op chat
Co-op Booster Perk.png
Possibility to make daily requests for materials and tools from co-op members.
Range: 1-2 depend on material.
Red X.pngGenerous Market
Generous Market Perk.png
Market and Dealer have more goods for sale.
Red X.pngRich Fields
Rich Fields Perk.png
Reduce crop growing times.
(% varies)
-10% to -30%
Red X.pngSpacious Railcars
Spacious Railcars Perk.png
Train cars bring twice as many materials.
Starts with 1 car per train and increases
by 1 with each level.
1 to 3
Red X.pngDouble Luck
Double Luck Perk.png
Receive twice as many clovers.
Clover storage increases from 50 to 100.
Red X.pngDear Dairy
Dear Dairy Perk.png
Reduces Dairy Factory times.
(% varies)
-15% to -50%
Red X.pngFlash Flight
Flash Flight Perk.png
Reduces plane return time.
(% varies)
-20% to -60%
Red X.pngHelping Hands
Helping Hands Perk.png
Fill help requests by paying 1 T-cash.
Red X.pngTwo Minutes
Two Minutes Perk.png
Complete anything early for free when there is only two minutes left (later for wheat and bread) for a product or crop to be finished.
Red X.pngHelicopter Help
Helicopter Help Perk.png
Ask for help with 1 to 3 orders at the helicopter pad. Your friends can choose which to help in case the order requires 2 or more goods. You can immediately request help for a new one when the older one is fully helped, sent or dumped. +1 to +3
Red X.pngFarm Bonus
Farm Bonus Perk.png
Farms (i.e. animals and mushroom farm) produce goods faster. -10% to -30%


Regarding Spacious Barn Spacious Barn Perk.png - If you are over the capacity of your barn at the end of the event, your inventory remains in the barn. You won't be able to add any further items to your barn until you've used up or sold off enough inventory to have your barn below your normal capacity level. One option is to turn on the Generous Customer helicopter booster and complete helicopter orders.


Each professor's experiment follows a sequence of giving a helicopter, train or plane skin for gold pass players, and their station skins for all players. Skins change the appearance of your transport buildings and vehicles. More information is available on the Skins page.

Rewards and Perks for Each Event

Dec 2020 Rewards

To get all the rewards before it ends, you need to get 80 Energy.PNG daily. Remember this means you need to complete pretty much every task (daily and weekly) to finish.
However, if the double point offer called High Voltage is introduced you might not choose to complete tasks until that day - then you won't have to do nearly as many tasks. Please note that the High Voltage offer may only be offered to a limited number of players.

Stage Energy Required Reward
(All Players)
Professors Experiments Icon.png
Gold Pass Reward
Gold Pass.png
1 0 Energy.PNG Coin.png 500 - 12,000
Spacious Barn Perk.png
Spacious Barn Perk +10%
2 25 Energy.PNG Cash.png x3
Township Cash
Santas Helpers Sleigh.png
Santa's Helper's Sleigh
3 50 Energy.PNG Load Coupon.png
Coupon for Loading Goods
Generous Customer Perk.png
Generous Customer 10%
4 100 Energy.PNG Shovel.png x3
Dealer Coupon.png x2
Dealer Coupon
5 150 Energy.PNG Regular Deck.png
Regular Deck
(10 Zoo Cards)
Conveyor Belt Master Perk.png
Conveyor Belt Master
6 200 Energy.PNG Coin.png 1,000 to 21,000 Cash.png x5
7 275 Energy.PNG Topaz.png x3
Dreamy Cow.png
Dreamy Cow Sticker
8 350 Energy.PNG
Dealer Coupon.png

Dealer Coupon
Speedy Construction Perk.png

Speedy Construction +30%
9 425 Energy.PNG Bricks.png x3 Load Coupon.png
Coupon for Loading Goods
10 500 Energy.PNG Bronze ingot.png
Airbonus Perk.png

11 600 Energy.PNG Cash.png x5
Generous Customer Perk.png

Generous Customer +20%
12 700 Energy.PNG
Sleigh Parking Lot.png
Sleigh Parking Lot
Factory Upgrade Coupon.png
Factory Upgrade Coupon
13 800 Energy.PNG
Dealer Coupon.png

Dealer Coupon
Spacious Barn Perk.png

Spacious Barn +15%
14 900 Energy.PNG Silver ingot.png x3
Speedy Construction Perk.png

Speedy Construction +60%
15 1000 Energy.PNG Coin.png 2,000 to 37,000 Load Coupon.png
Coupon for Loading Goods
16 1100 Energy.PNG Pick.png x3 Epic Deck.png
17 1200 Energy.PNG Emerald.png x3
Generous Customer Perk.png

Generous Customer +30%
18 1300 Energy.PNG Load Coupon.png x2
Coupon for Loading Goods
Christmas Town Sign.png
Christmas Town Sign
19 1400 Energy.PNG Glass.png x3
Super-harvest Booster.png
Lab Booster
Super Harvest x2
20 1500 Energy.PNG Gold ingot.png x3
Spacious Barn Perk.png
Spacious Barn Perk +20%
21 1600 Energy.PNG Cash.png x5 Barn Upgrade Coupon.png
Coupon for Barn Upgrade
22 1700 Energy.PNG
Dealer Coupon.png

Dealer Coupon
TNT.png x5
23 1800 Energy.PNG Coin.png
(approximately x28,000)
Affectionate Sheep.png
Affectionate Sheep Sticker
24 1900 Energy.PNG Axe.png x3
Dealer Coupon.png

Dealer Coupon x2
25 2000 Energy.PNG Ruby.png x3 Load Coupon.png
Coupon for Loading Goods
26 2100 Energy.PNG Rare Deck.png
Rare Deck (20 cards)
Nail.png x5
27 2200 Energy.PNG
Cosy Chicken.png
Cozy Chicken Sticker
Cash.png x15
28 2300 Energy.PNG Load Coupon.png
Coupon for Loading Goods x2
Paint.png x5
29 2400 Energy.PNG Platinum ingot.png x3 Load Coupon.png
Coupon for Loading Goods x5
30 2500 Energy.PNG Paint.png x3 Cash.png x20
31 2600 Energy.PNG Dynamite.png x3 Santas Sleigh.png
Santa's Sleigh Upgrade
32 2700 Energy.PNG Nail.png x3 High-speed Production Booster.png
33 2850 Energy.PNG TNT.png x2 Platinum ingot.png x3
34 3000 Energy.PNG Cash.png x20 Barn Upgrade Coupon.pngBarn upgrade coupon
35 3200 Energy.PNG Expansion Coupon.pngTown Expansion Coupon Cash.png x75
36+ 3350 Energy.PNG
(+50 per safe)
- Safe.png

Past Versions

To see professor's experiment event information in the past, see these pages.

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