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Test Groups

Playrix have extended their test groups to brand new players. Level requirements have been lowered for some newly created towns. Crops and Factories times have been increased.
Different versions of Events are also distributed into test groups.
Additional impacted items are unknown.

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Regatta Information

What is a Regatta?

Regatta is a race consisting of co-op members whose goal is to complete tasks to sail your co-op's yacht further, and gain points along the way to earn chests for rewards.

How Often are Regattas?

  • Once a week. Regattas begin on Tuesday @ 8 AM UTC.
  • Regattas last for 6 days and end the following Monday @ 8 AM UTC.
  • You are given 24 hours on Monday to view results, collect rewards and prepare for the next Regatta.

How do I Participate in a Regatta?

  • Be a member of a co-op AND ensure that "take part in co-op competitions" is checked Setting checked.png in your Additional Settings before the regatta starts.
  • You can start doing tasks anytime after the weekly regatta starts.
  • Tip: Join a co-op around your town level because tasks available will be based on the average co-op level.

How do I Opt Out of a Regatta?

  • "Take part in co-op competitions" is checked Setting checked.png by default.
  • To opt out of the Regatta you must uncheck Setting unchecked.png the "take part in co-op competitions" box in additional settings.
  • Racing statuses update instantly, so you know in advance which members are racing in the next regatta.
  • Opting in after a race starts only affects your racing status for the next regatta, not the current race. On the other hand, opting out after a race starts means you won't be able to pick up rewards and your coop will compete against groups with more active players.
  • Don't forget to recheck the box later if you want to race in the next regatta.

Leaving a Co-op After the Regatta Starts

  • If players leave during a regatta race while their status was 'racing' your co-op will not lose any points earned; however, if the player(s) left before finishing all tasks it will put your co-op at a disadvantage.
  • All incomplete tasks and their associated points are forfeited, even if they re-join the co-op.
  • Points earned from players who are kicked out of the co-op will remain, and they will not receive reward chests.

What if No Members are Racing in the Regatta?

  • If all members in the co-op opt out of the race, then your co-op will be demoted at the end of the regatta week.

Restrict player from Regatta

According to Playrix: "Co-op leaders and co-leaders can restrict other co-op members from participating in regattas. If a regatta is currently in progress, the player will be restricted from participating in the current regatta. Otherwise, they will be restricted from participation in the upcoming regatta."

  • If a player is Restricted from Regatta, that player is no longer able to participate in the CURRENT regatta, even if the player tries to enable the "Take part in co-op competitions" (which will allow the player to participate in the next regatta). Player might leave and then re-join the co-op in order to participate if the restriction happened by mistake before the race is started.
  • If a player is Restricted from Regatta, that player will not be able to obtain the prizes at the end of that weeks regatta.
  • Restricting a player after the Regatta starts seems to be useless as it does not benefit the co-op or the player. The effect is that it "punishes" the restricted player from receiving prizes at the end. There may be valid reasons a player is not able to participate in a Regatta until the weekend; however, after being restricted, that player cannot help the co-op. As such, use this feature judiciously.

Regatta Tasks

Regatta Tasks.png

Task Points

Plan well, take your time and try to complete tasks worth the most points over the 6 days of the regatta.

  • Each task is worth 'x' amount of points ranging from 73 (Minimum) to 135 (Maximum) points.

Example: Wooden League

  • There are 7 tasks available in Wooden League.
  • The maximum amount of points you're able to get is 135 x 7 tasks = 945 points.
  • You can buy 1 extra task for 10 T-cash which brings the total points to 1080 for 1 member.

Task Information

Any member ranked elder, co-leader, or leader in the co-op is able to dump tasks from the task board. All 12 tasks on the board are common for everyone in the co-op racing that week and are done individually - unlike tasks in Race of Champions. Any task that is started or dumped from the board by a member will refresh randomly after 30 minutes. Tasks are randomly generated, each with a set probability of appearing depending on the length of the task.

  • Tip: Setting a range like 125-135 point tasks for everyone to aim for is a good strategy.
  • Tip: Have everyone check the task board and dump low point tasks when they appear.
  • Tip: Dumping low point tasks quickly is key to get a good start when everyone needs a task.

Dumping a task from the task board:

  • The trash can is blue Blue Dump Button.png.
  • Refers to removing a task from the board without taking (starting) it.
  • These tasks don't count towards the number of tasks you are allowed to do (i.e. 7 in Wooden League, 15 in Golden League).
  • Lowers your Global Top Ranking, but does not affect your position in the regatta race.
  • Near the end of the race members with tasks leftover doing difficult tasks may want to dump them; this can allow them to complete easier or shorter tasks in the remaining time.

Dumping a task after starting it:

  • Forfeits the task and the trash can is red Red Dump Button.png.
  • These tasks count towards the number of tasks you are allowed to do and you will earn 0 points.
  • Costs your co-op points since you have one task less, just like failing a task.
  • Lowers your Global Top Ranking.
  • You may need to dump a task like this if you are unable to complete the task for some reason.

Reserving Tasks

Leaders and co-leaders can restrict who is allowed to reserve tasks in the co-op options: nobody, everybody, elders and (co-)leaders or (co-)leaders only. You can reserve one task on the board at a time by tapping the button in the task description next to the start button. This will feature an exclamation mark on the task icon for everyone else in the co-op to see.

  • You can start working on tasks you've reserved any time you want - you don't have to start with them. The reservation time is 12 hours.
  • Once you've reserved a task, you can still pick any other one, including tasks that have been reserved by other co-op members.
  • You can reserve a different task by canceling the first one. You can cancel reservations whenever you want.

Types of Tasks and Tips


Township Series- Regatta Strategies

Difficulty Rating: [★] = Least Time 🠚 [★★★★★] = Most Time
Using boosters is optional, though it's recommended in order to complete some tasks much faster.

Play # times at the House of Luck. [★]
Example: Play 6 times at the House of Luck.

  • Time: 12s. Missing Clovers: 15s to end of Regatta.
  • Save 30+ clovers at all times.
  • You can save up to 100 letters in the Town Hall and 50 clovers in the House of Luck.

Excavate # units of ore in the mine. [★]
Example: Excavate 58 units of ore in the mine.

  • Time: 5m to 20m. Missing Tools: 2h to end of Regatta.
  • Get and save mining tools from trains. At least 75-100 pickaxes and 20-40 dynamite and TNT.
  • You can mine in advance and leave a bunch of ores to collect after starting the task.
  • Booster: The See the Light booster will help you use your tools in the most efficient way by showing you the location of ore.

Feed # farm animals. (Exclude mushroom) [★★]
Example: Feed 125 farm animals.

  • Time: 1h to 4h. Booster: 1h to 2h. (76-80 animals to start then 18 cows x3)
  • Feed cows as soon as possible and prepare/buy some feed in advance.
  • Buy extra farm animals/buildings if available and feed all animals including ducks & otters.
  • Use banana bread to feed the ducks (salmon for otters) for the fastest feeding.
  • Milkshakes, Cupcakes, Gingerbread and Bacon & Eggs are a good way of using up all the animal products.

Fill # Helicopter Orders. [★★]
Example: Fill 25 helicopter orders.

  • Time: 5m to 1h. (30m to refresh an order, 9 orders max).
  • Dump difficult orders and keep a bunch of easy ones to get a good head start.
  • A good time to start is when your barn is full and market refreshes soon.
  • Right after sending a helicopter, go to any other town then back to your town. Your helicopter will have returned.
  • Buying many market boxes to have more purchasable goods helps to fill orders faster.
  • Booster: The Record Demand booster will decrease orders appearing time by 80%.
  • Booster: The Vibrant Market booster will reduce market refresh times by 50% for faster order filling.

Harvest # crop(s) fields. [★★★]
Example: Harvest 600 wheat fields (or 144 rubber fields).

  • Time: 10m to 30h. Booster: 3m36s to 9h. (122 fields max. 5 max wheat fields to 1 max silk field).
  • Avoid taking cacao, rubber and silk task because they need about a day to complete. Dump them if you are elder or (co-)leader.
  • You can plant a few fields of crops you may need later, but most fields should be the tasks crops.
  • Plant all the crops in advance and reserve the task you're planning to take that's on the board.
  • You do not need to hold the crops in your barn. Sell, help, or make Regatta products with extras.
  • Booster: Super Harvest booster and Rich Fields booster is very helpful for these tasks to finish in time.

Bring # island goods from an island. [★★★]
Example: Bring (21 bananas/10 coconuts) from Tropica Isle.

  • Time: 1s to 18h. Max upgrade: 1s to 9h. Max upgrade with booster: 1s to 4h30m.
  • Instant (4 ships, x3 goods): Olives (12), coconuts (10), and shrimps (8).
  • Reducing the time for ships to return at the Academy of Industry will help to complete this task faster.
  • Increasing probabilities for 2nd goods like Olives also helps when not using ingots.
  • Have all 4 boats ready in advance with items you need to bring from the islands.
  • For olives/coconut/shrimp task, send off ships with ingots can give you 3 of all goods, and finish them in 1 trip.
  • Booster: The Smart Navigation booster will decrease ship travelling time by 50%.

Fill # zoo orders at the Zoo. [★★★★]
Example: Fill 11 zoo orders by loading all of the baskets in them.

  • Time: 1m to 1d 9h.
  • Always check if you have necessary goods to complete orders. Start producing the required goods at factories and buy goods at the City Market if available before picking this task.
  • Use 3 days to ask for help on all zoo orders before you pick the task. Then, clear the zoo orders after you pick this task. This can help you have 8 orders completed immediately.
  • Always pick the task, when you have all 8 Orders at the Zoo Order Board
  • Booster: The Vibrant Market booster will reduce market refresh times by 50% for faster order filling.

Collect # of animal produce. [★★★★]
Example: Collect 55 eggs.

  • Time: 4h to 14h. Booster: 2h to 7h.
  • Prepare/buy feed ahead of time and save some in the barn.
  • Have eggs or any animals produce ready to be collected in advance.
  • Booster: The Advanced Farming booster also helps to complete this task faster.

Produce and collect # units of factory products. [★★★★]
Example: Produce and collect 10 units of strawberry jam.

  • Time: 1s to 5h. (5 floor lamps to 18 bagels).
  • Instant (8 Shelves): Wallpaper, cheesecake, chili sauce, table, tyrolean hats, sneakers, modeling clay, warm boots, rice noodle, floor lamp, and frypan
  • Make sure to have and/or prepare all the ingredients beforehand.
  • You can prepare items to sit on shelves ahead of time, but have to wait for the right task.
  • Booster: The High-Speed Production booster for factories is useful to help complete this task.

Send # fully loaded airplanes. [★★★★★]
Example: Send 4 fully loaded planes.

  • Time: 15h to 20h. (3 or 4 planes).
  • Have 1 plane fully loaded and ready to take off, so you'll be 1 step ahead to send off another 3.
  • View the goods quantities for the next airplane will help you prepare them.
  • Hire the dealer at city market to help you get the goods required.
  • Booster: The Busy Trade booster will help you get the goods you need from the dealer.

Send # trains. [★★★★★]
Example: Send 11 trains.

  • Time: 16h to 20h. Max upgrade: 8h to 10h. Least time with booster: 4h to 5h. (Max train time: 5h, upgraded 50%: 2h30m).
  • Reducing the time for all 3 trains at the Academy of Industry will help to complete this task faster.
  • Have 3 trains waiting in the station to be sent off, so there's only 8 left to finish the task.
  • Hire the dealer at city market to help you get the goods required.
  • Booster: The Busy Trade booster will help you get the goods you need from the dealer.
  • Booster: The Shortcut booster can decrease train travel time.

Regatta Competition

Your co-op is competing against other co-ops who have the same number of members racing.

  • You complete tasks to advance to chests that open after the race is over.
  • Note: Co-ops may have more members, and they count the number of members who are actually racing.
  • The number of members racing should be the same for all co-ops unless someone was blocked or kicked/left.
2 Regatta Competition.png

Competition Ranks and Rewards

The ranks are determined by two factors: total points and time spent. The co-op with higher total points will have higher ranks. When the total points are equal, the team finishing first will have a higher rank.
Dumping tasks has no effect on the race results position of the co-op. It only affects the global leader board.

Faster than the wind

  • 3 Co-ops in the top 3.
  • Co-ops are promoted to the next league, except if already in Golden League, then the co-op will stay in the league unless you finish in Becalmed.
  • Rewards: Fantastic rewards

Steady Progress

  • 4-12 Co-ops in the middle.
  • Co-ops stay in the same league.
  • Reward: Some medium rewards


  • 3 Co-ops at the bottom.
  • Co-ops are demoted a league.
  • Rewards: Some small rewards

Regatta Leagues

Leagues show the progress your co-op is making in regattas, and there are five of them to spice up the competition between co-ops. Co-ops compete in leagues. Based on regatta results, your co-op can be promoted or demoted between leagues according to the competition information above.

3 Regatta Leagues.png

Types of Leagues (30 Member Co-ops)

Wooden League - 7 Tasks + 1 Extra Task, 5 Rewards
Total Tasks (No T-cash): 7 Tasks x 30 Members = 210 Tasks
Total Tasks (+ T-cash): 8 Tasks x 30 Members = 240 Tasks
Total Points (No T-cash & Max Points): 945 Points x 30 Members = 28350 Points
Total Points (+ T-cash & Max Points): 1080 Points x 30 Members = 32400 Points

Copper League - 9 Tasks + 1 Extra Task, 6 Rewards
Total Tasks (No T-cash): 9 Tasks x 30 Members = 270 Tasks
Total Tasks (+ T-cash): 10 Tasks x 30 Members = 300 Tasks
Total Points (No T-cash & Max Points): 1215 Points x 30 Members = 36450 Points
Total Points (+ T-cash & Max Points): 1350 Points x 30 Members = 40500 Points

Steel League - 11 Tasks + 1 Extra Task, 7 Rewards
Total Tasks (No T-cash): 11 Tasks x 30 Members = 330 Tasks
Total Tasks (+ T-cash): 12 Tasks x 30 Members = 360 Tasks
Total Points (No T-cash & Max Points): 1485 Points x 30 Members = 44550 Points
Total Points (+ T-cash & Max Points): 1620 Points x 30 Members = 48600 Points

Silver League - 13 Tasks + 1 Extra Task, 8 Rewards
Total Tasks (No T-cash): 13 Tasks x 30 Members = 390 Tasks
Total Tasks (+ T-cash): 14 Tasks x 30 Members = 420 Tasks
Total Points (No T-cash & Max Points): 1755 Points x 30 Members = 52650 Points
Total Points (+ T-cash & Max Points): 1890 Points x 30 Members = 56700 Points

Golden League - 15 Tasks + 1 Extra Task, 9 Rewards
Total Tasks (No T-cash): 15 Tasks x 30 Members = 450 Tasks
Total Tasks (+ T-cash): 16 Tasks x 30 Members = 480 Tasks
Total Points (No T-cash & Max Points): 2025 Points x 30 Members = 60750 Points
Total Points (+ T-cash & Max Points): 2160 Points x 30 Members = 64800 Points

Golden League Leaderboard

See Regatta Seasons for details.

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Township Series- Regatta Edition II (Tasks & Leagues)


Township Series- Regatta Edition Leaderboard

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