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Regatta Information

What is a Regatta?

Regatta is a race consisting of co-op members whose goal is to complete tasks to sail your co-op's yacht further, and gain points along the way to earn chests for rewards.

How Often are Regattas?

  • Once a week. Regattas begin on Tuesday @ 8 AM UTC.
  • Regattas last for 6 days and end the following Monday @ 8 AM UTC.
  • You are given 24 hours on Monday to view results, collect rewards and prepare for the next Regatta.

How do I Participate in a Regatta?

  • Be a member of a co-op AND ensure that "take part in co-op competitions" is checked Setting checked.png in your Additional Settings before the regatta starts.
  • You can start doing tasks anytime after the weekly regatta starts.
  • Tip: Join a co-op around your town level because tasks available will be based on the average co-op level.

How do I Opt Out of a Regatta?

  • "Take part in co-op competitions" is checked Setting checked.png by default.
    • To opt out of the Regatta you must uncheck Setting unchecked.png the "take part in co-op competitions" box in additional settings before the the Regatta starts.
  • Racing statuses update instantly, so you know in advance which members are racing in the next regatta.
  • Opting in after a race starts only affects your racing status for the next regatta, not the current race. On the other hand, opting out after a race starts means you won't be able to pick up rewards and your co-op will compete against groups with more active players.
  • Don't forget to recheck the box later if you want to race in the next regatta.

Leaving a Co-op After the Regatta Starts

  • If players leave during a regatta race while their status was 'racing' your co-op will not lose any points earned; however, if the player(s) left before finishing all tasks it will put your co-op at a disadvantage.
  • All incomplete tasks and their associated points are forfeited, even if they re-join the co-op.
  • Points earned from players who are kicked out of the co-op will remain, and they will not receive reward chests.

What if No Members are Racing in the Regatta?

  • If all members in the co-op opt out of the race, then your co-op will be demoted at the end of the regatta week.

Restrict player from Regatta

According to Playrix: "Co-op leaders and co-leaders can restrict other co-op members from participating in regattas. If a regatta is currently in progress, the player will be restricted from participating in the current regatta. Otherwise, they will be restricted from participation in the upcoming regatta."

  • If a player is Restricted from Regatta, that player is no longer able to participate in the CURRENT regatta, even if the player tries to enable the "Take part in co-op competitions" (which will allow the player to participate in the next regatta). Player might leave and then re-join the co-op in order to participate if the restriction happened by mistake before the race is started.
  • If a player is Restricted from Regatta, that player will not be able to obtain the prizes at the end of that weeks regatta.
  • Restricting a player after the Regatta starts seems to be useless as it does not benefit the co-op or the player. The effect is that it "punishes" the restricted player from receiving prizes at the end. There may be valid reasons a player is not able to participate in a Regatta until the weekend; however, after being restricted, that player cannot help the co-op. As such, use this feature judiciously.

Regatta Tasks

Regatta Tasks.png

Task Points

Plan well, take your time and try to complete tasks worth the most points over the 6 days of the regatta.

  • Each task is worth 'x' amount of points ranging from 73 (Minimum) to 150 (Maximum) points.
  • Each task also carries 'y' points that can be spent in yacht club, seasonal tasks are worth more points, up to 25, more info here Yacht Club Tokens
  • Each task has an associated time limit and task's target needs to be achieved within an allotted time - some tasks last until the end of the race, for example, planes and trains

Example: Wooden League

  • There are 7 tasks available in Wooden League.
  • The maximum amount of points you're able to get is 150 x 7 tasks = 1050 points.
  • You can buy 1 extra task for 10 T-cash which brings the total points to 1200 for 1 member.

Task Information

Any member ranked elder, co-leader, or leader in the co-op is able to dump tasks from the task board. All 12 tasks on the board are common for everyone in the co-op racing that week and are done individually - unlike tasks in Race of Champions. Any task that is started or dumped from the board by a member will refresh randomly after 30 minutes. Tasks are randomly generated, each with a set probability of appearing depending on the length of the task.

  • Tip: Setting a range like 125-135 point tasks for everyone to aim for is a good strategy.
  • Tip: Have everyone check the task board and dump low point tasks when they appear.
  • Tip: Dumping low point tasks quickly is key to get a good start when everyone needs a task.

Dumping a task from the task board:

  • The trash can is blue Blue Dump Button.png.
  • Refers to removing a task from the board without taking (starting) it.
  • These tasks don't count towards the number of tasks you are allowed to do (i.e. 7 in Wooden League, 15 in Golden League).
  • Lowers your Global Top Ranking, but does not affect your position in the regatta race.
  • Near the end of the race members with tasks leftover doing difficult tasks may want to dump them; this can allow them to complete easier or shorter tasks in the remaining time.

Dumping a task after starting it:

  • Forfeits/fails the task and the trash can is red Red Dump Button.png.
  • These tasks count towards the number of tasks you are allowed to do and you will not earn points.
  • Costs your co-op points since you have one task less
  • Lowers your Global Top Ranking.
  • You may need to dump a task like this if you are unable to complete the task for some reason so that you have more time to do other tasks

Task times out:

  • This task is forfeited/failed. Most oftens happen with crop and Event based tasks, but can happen with most task categories
  • These tasks count towards the number of tasks you are allowed to do and you will not earn points.
  • Costs your co-op points since you have one task less
  • Lowers your Global Top Ranking.
  • If you are certain the task will time out, you might just dump it earlier and like that have more time to dedicate to other tasks

Reserving Tasks

Leaders and co-leaders can restrict who is allowed to reserve tasks in the co-op options: nobody, everybody, elders and (co-)leaders or (co-)leaders only. You can reserve one task on the board at a time by tapping the button in the task description next to the start button. This will feature an exclamation mark on the task icon for everyone else in the co-op to see.

  • You can start working on tasks you've reserved any time you want - you don't have to start with them. The reservation time is 12 hours.
  • Once you've reserved a task, you can still pick any other one, including tasks that have been reserved by other co-op members.
  • You can reserve a different task by canceling the first one. You can cancel reservations whenever you want.

Types of Tasks and Tips


Township Series- Regatta Strategies

Difficulty Rating: [β˜…] = Least Time 🠚 [β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…] = Most Time
Using boosters is optional, though it's recommended in order to complete some tasks much faster.

Play # times at the House of Luck. [β˜…]
Example: Play 6 times at the House of Luck.

  • Time: 12s. Missing Clovers: 15s to end of Regatta.
  • Save 30+ clovers at all times.
  • You can save up to 100 letters in the Town Hall and 50 clovers in the House of Luck.

Excavate # units of ore in the mine. [β˜…]
Example: Excavate 58 units of ore in the mine.

  • Time: 5m to 20m. Missing Tools: 2h to end of Regatta.
  • Get and save mining tools from trains. At least 75-100 pickaxes and 20-40 dynamite and TNT.
  • You can mine in advance and leave a bunch of ores to collect after starting the task.
  • Booster: The See the Light booster will help you use your tools in the most efficient way by showing you the location of ore.

Feed # farm animals. (Exclude mushroom) [β˜…β˜…]
Example: Feed 125 farm animals.

  • Time: 1h to 4h. Booster: 1h to 2h. (76-80 animals to start then 18 cows x3)
  • Feed cows as soon as possible and prepare/buy some feed in advance.
  • Buy extra farm animals/buildings if available and feed all animals including ducks & otters.
  • Use banana bread to feed the ducks (salmon for otters) for the fastest feeding.
  • Milkshakes, Cupcakes, Gingerbread and Bacon & Eggs are a good way of using up all the animal products.

Fill # Helicopter Orders. [β˜…β˜…]
Example: Fill 25 helicopter orders.

  • Time: 5m to 1h. (30m to refresh an order, 9 orders max).
  • Dump difficult orders and keep a bunch of easy ones to get a good head start.
  • A good time to start is when your barn is full and market refreshes soon.
  • Right after sending a helicopter, go to any other town then back to your town. Your helicopter will have returned.
  • Buying many market boxes to have more purchasable goods helps to fill orders faster.
  • Booster: The Record Demand booster will decrease orders appearing time by 80%.
  • Booster: The Vibrant Market booster will reduce market refresh times by 50% for faster order filling.

Harvest # crop(s) fields. [β˜…β˜…β˜…]
Example: Harvest 600 wheat fields (or 144 rubber fields).

  • Time: 10m to 30h. Booster: 3m36s to 9h. (122 fields max. 5 max wheat fields to 1 max silk field).
  • Avoid taking cacao, rubber and silk task because they need about a day to complete. Dump them if you are elder or (co-)leader.
  • You can plant a few fields of crops you may need later, but most fields should be the tasks crops.
  • Plant all the crops in advance and reserve the task you're planning to take that's on the board.
  • You do not need to hold the crops in your barn. Sell, help, or make Regatta products with extras.
  • Booster: Super Harvest booster and Rich Fields booster is very helpful for these tasks to finish in time.

Bring # island goods from an island. [β˜…β˜…β˜…]
Example: Bring (21 bananas/10 coconuts) from Tropica Isle.

  • Time: 1s to 18h. Max upgrade: 1s to 9h. Max upgrade with booster: 1s to 4h30m.
  • Instant (4 ships, x3 goods): Olives (12), coconuts (10), and shrimps (8).
  • Reducing the time for ships to return at the Academy of Industry will help to complete this task faster.
  • Increasing probabilities for 2nd goods like Olives also helps when not using ingots.
  • Have all 4 boats ready in advance with items you need to bring from the islands.
  • For olives/coconut/shrimp task, send off ships with ingots can give you 3 of all goods, and finish them in 1 trip.
  • Booster: The Smart Navigation booster will decrease ship travelling time by 50%.

Fill # zoo orders at the Zoo. [β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…]
Example: Fill 11 zoo orders by loading all of the baskets in them.

  • Time: 1m to 1d 9h.
  • Always check if you have necessary goods to complete orders. Start producing the required goods at factories and buy goods at the City Market if available before picking this task.
  • Use 3 days to ask for help on all zoo orders before you pick the task. Then, clear the zoo orders after you pick this task. This can help you have 8 orders completed immediately.
  • Always pick the task, when you have all 8 Orders at the Zoo Order Board
  • Booster: The Vibrant Market booster will reduce market refresh times by 50% for faster order filling.

Collect # of animal produce. [β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…]
Example: Collect 55 eggs.

  • Time: 4h to 14h. Booster: 2h to 7h.
  • Prepare/buy feed ahead of time and save some in the barn.
  • Have eggs or any animals produce ready to be collected in advance.
  • Booster: The Advanced Farming booster also helps to complete this task faster.

Produce and collect # units of factory products. [β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…]
Example: Produce and collect 10 units of strawberry jam.

  • Time: 1s to 5h. (5 floor lamps to 18 bagels).
  • Instant (8 Shelves): Wallpaper, cheesecake, chili sauce, table, tyrolean hats, sneakers, modeling clay, warm boots, rice noodle, floor lamp, and frypan
  • Make sure to have and/or prepare all the ingredients beforehand.
  • You can prepare items to sit on shelves ahead of time, but have to wait for the right task.
  • Booster: The High-Speed Production booster for factories is useful to help complete this task.

Send # fully loaded airplanes. [β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…]
Example: Send 4 fully loaded planes.

  • Time: 15h to 20h. (3 or 4 planes).
  • Have 1 plane fully loaded and ready to take off, so you'll be 1 step ahead to send off another 3.
  • View the goods quantities for the next airplane will help you prepare them.
  • Hire the dealer at city market to help you get the goods required.
  • Booster: The Busy Trade booster will help you get the goods you need from the dealer.

Send # trains. [β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…]
Example: Send 11 trains.

  • Time: 16h to 20h. Max upgrade: 8h to 10h. Least time with booster: 4h to 5h. (Max train time: 5h, upgraded 50%: 2h30m).
  • Reducing the time for all 3 trains at the Academy of Industry will help to complete this task faster.
  • Have 3 trains waiting in the station to be sent off, so there's only 8 left to finish the task.
  • Hire the dealer at city market to help you get the goods required.
  • Booster: The Busy Trade booster will help you get the goods you need from the dealer.
  • Booster: The Shortcut booster can decrease train travel time.

Regatta Event Mini-Game Tasks

They are back again and likely to stay this time... regatta event mini-game tasks. Highest points are now 140 and 150.

Regatta Event Task Yachtsman.png

Examples are:

Regatta Competition

Your co-op is competing against other co-ops who have the same number of members racing.

  • You complete tasks to advance to chests that open after the race is over.
  • Note: Co-ops may have more members, and they count the number of members who are actually racing.
  • The number of members racing should be the same for all co-ops unless someone was blocked or kicked/left.
2 Regatta Competition.png

Competition Ranks and Rewards

The ranks are determined by two factors: total points and time spent. The co-op with higher total points will have higher ranks. When the total points are equal, the team finishing first will have a higher rank.
Dumping tasks has no effect on the race results position of the co-op. It only affects the global leader board.

Faster than the Wind

  • 3 Co-ops in the top 3
  • Co-ops are promoted to the next league, except if already in Golden League, then the co-op will stay in the league unless you finish in Becalmed
  • Rewards: Fantastic rewards

Steady Progress

  • 4-12 Co-ops in the middle
  • Co-ops stay in the same league
  • Reward: Some medium rewards


  • 3 Co-ops at the bottom
  • Co-ops are demoted a league
  • Rewards: Some small rewards

Regatta Leagues

Leagues show the progress your co-op is making in regattas, and there are five of them to spice up the competition between co-ops. Co-ops compete in leagues. Based on regatta results, your co-op can be promoted or demoted between leagues according to the competition information above.

3 Regatta Leagues.png

Types of Leagues (30 Member Co-ops)

Wooden League - 7 Tasks + 1 Extra Task, 5 Rewards
Total Tasks (No T-cash): 7 Tasks x 30 Members = 210 Tasks
Total Tasks (+ T-cash): 8 Tasks x 30 Members = 240 Tasks
Total Points (No T-cash & Max Points): 945 Points x 30 Members = 28350 Points
Total Points (+ T-cash & Max Points): 1080 Points x 30 Members = 32400 Points

Copper League - 9 Tasks + 1 Extra Task, 6 Rewards
Total Tasks (No T-cash): 9 Tasks x 30 Members = 270 Tasks
Total Tasks (+ T-cash): 10 Tasks x 30 Members = 300 Tasks
Total Points (No T-cash & Max Points): 1215 Points x 30 Members = 36450 Points
Total Points (+ T-cash & Max Points): 1350 Points x 30 Members = 40500 Points

Steel League - 11 Tasks + 1 Extra Task, 7 Rewards
Total Tasks (No T-cash): 11 Tasks x 30 Members = 330 Tasks
Total Tasks (+ T-cash): 12 Tasks x 30 Members = 360 Tasks
Total Points (No T-cash & Max Points): 1485 Points x 30 Members = 44550 Points
Total Points (+ T-cash & Max Points): 1620 Points x 30 Members = 48600 Points

Silver League - 13 Tasks + 1 Extra Task, 8 Rewards
Total Tasks (No T-cash): 13 Tasks x 30 Members = 390 Tasks
Total Tasks (+ T-cash): 14 Tasks x 30 Members = 420 Tasks
Total Points (No T-cash & Max Points): 1755 Points x 30 Members = 52650 Points
Total Points (+ T-cash & Max Points): 1890 Points x 30 Members = 56700 Points

Golden League - 15 Tasks + 1 Extra Task, 9 Rewards
Total Tasks (No T-cash): 15 Tasks x 30 Members = 450 Tasks
Total Tasks (+ T-cash): 16 Tasks x 30 Members = 480 Tasks
Total Points (No T-cash & Max Points): 2025 Points x 30 Members = 60750 Points
Total Points (+ T-cash & Max Points): 2160 Points x 30 Members = 64800 Points

Global Top Ranking

Global Top Ranking List

This feature is only available to golden league co-ops.

After finishing the first Golden League race your co-op joins the global top ranking leaderboard. The scores (can be viewed at regatta > season > top-left orange button) of your two best races of a season are added for your global leaderboard score. Improve your co-op performance will get you a better rank (can be viewed by tapping co-op > Co-op stats) and have a chance to get into the leaderboard to get reward.

The leaderboard (can be viewed at regatta > season) lists the global top 30 co-ops with highest score on their best two races in that season and is updated weekly after one of the 4 weeks ends. Each member in those co-ops will be awarded 25-75 T-cash (depending on the rank) at the end of the season. It displays the most active and top performing co-ops in the world.

  • If your co-op is demoted to a lower league, your ranking will be reset!

Golden League Leaderboard Calculations

Your weekly co-op results are calculated using 4 factors. Average Member Score + Position Bonus + Size Bonus - Average member dumped task(s)

  • Example: AMS(2160) + PB(50) + SB(75) - PDT(33.33) = Golden Leaderboard Score
  • Result = 2251.67 points for your co-op towards the Golden Leaderboard that week.

Average Member Score
Calculated by dividing the points your co-op earns in a regatta by the number of participating members.

  • Example: 64,800 Total Co-op Points / 30 Members = 2160 average member score.

Position Bonus
Bonus points for your co-op's regatta position. The better your finish, the more bonus points you get.

Position 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10-15th
Points 50 38 30 25 20 15 10 6 3 0

Size Bonus
Bonus points awarded for the number of members racing in the regatta.

  • 30 member co-ops with everyone participating gets the maximum bonus.
Member(s) 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 1-10
Points 100 91 83 75 67 59 52 46 40 35 31 27 23 19 16 13 10 7 4 2 0

Average member dumped task(s)
Amount of tasks dumped by your co-op during regatta divided by the number of participating members.

  • Example: 1000 Tasks Dumped / 30 Members = 33.33 point penalty for dumped tasks.

Legendary Yachtsman Achievement

Legendary Yachtsman Achievement.png
Legendary Yachtsman Achievement 2.png

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