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Reward Route.png
  • Send off helicopters, trains and planes to earn points.
  • Open trunks with valuable prizes.
  • Open all the trunks before the event is over.

Event Introduction

Reward Route Guide 1.png
Reward Route Guide 2.png

Event Rewards

This is an example of the rewards.

Chest № # Rewards Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1st collect 35 more to open chest 1 • 4000-5000 Coins
• 2 Topaz



2nd collect 100 more to open chest 2 • 2 Silver Ingot
• 1 Load Coupon

Silver Ingot

Load Coupon

3rd collect 260 more to open chest 3 • 1 Epic Deck (30 Cards)
• 1 Active Cooperation Booster
• 5 T-cash

Epic Deck



  • If you have completed your animals zoo cards, you may receive construction materials instead ie. x3 nails.
  • Your rewards may be different. Let us know if they are, thank you.

Event History

  1. February 2021

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