School of Magic Introduction Edit

School of Magic

School of Magic

The School of Magic is part of a series of upgradeable event decorations added to the game for the Halloween 2017 event.

"It's time to open a School of Magic in your town! Unlock magic upgrades to finish and get 20 Township Cash."

School Of Magic Levels Edit

Please do not remove or edit this as, the School of Magic Rewards may be different for each user..

Level 1: 500 Coins
Level 2 to 4: 2 Stages (Vary)
Levels 5 to 7: 3 Stages (Vary)
Levels 8 to 9: 4 Stages (Vary)
20 t cash

Tips for the School of Magic Edit

  • To upgrade the School of Magic, faster you can always, hire the dealer, using coupons
  • Coins can be requested from 5000- 45,000, for each stage
  • Selling this decoration gives you 250 Coins as a reward
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