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This page is for players screenshots or images to use on the Township Wikis pages.
While looking around the Township Wiki you'll see that some images are missing.

You can help the wiki by uploading screenshots of missing images.

  1. Click 'Expand' to view the galleries below.
  2. Then click the 'Add a photo to this gallery' button to upload your screenshot.
  3. Or you can upload an image by clicking here or upload multiple images quickly here.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated and help make the Township wiki more complete!
Registered users will also get fun achievements for uploading images.

Museum ScreenshotsEdit

(Media Category: Screenshots and Museum)

There are 2 collections in the Museum which are from Mining Excavations and Sea Voyages. We are trying to collect all artifacts, so if you have a screenshot of a missing one please add your screenshot below. Just take a full screen picture showing the artifact which will be placed in the correct gallery and edited for the Wiki.

Mine Artifacts for Showroom IIIEdit

Collection Complete

Island Artifacts for Showroom IVEdit

Collection Complete

Island Artifacts for Showroom VEdit

Collection Complete

Island Artifacts for Showroom VIEdit

Collection Complete

Level Up ScreenshotsEdit

This gallery is for screenshots of level up rewards/unlocks for the page Level up.
If necessary please upload 2 screenshots if the rewards/unlocks can't fit on one screen.

Rewards and Unlocks from Level UpsEdit

(Media categories: Screenshots and Level up)

Decoration ScreenshotsEdit

We are missing pictures of higher level zoo decorations and Walk of Fame decorations. If you have any of them please add them to this gallery.

Gallery of DecorationsEdit

Thank you for your contributions!Edit

Screenshots of the Museum Artifacts are used in links, so that people can see the depth where the artifact was found or on which island. Screenshots of products, buildings, leveling etc. are used for smaller pictures and saved in the category Screenshots for possible later use. You are welcome to add the category yourself when you have posted a picture.

Museum & Zoo NavigationEdit

Museum Navigation
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