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Through the game's settings, you can change in-game features, contact support, connect to Facebook, and change your preferences. You can also access official Township communities as well as other games published by Playrix, through the "Community" or "More Games" tab. Settings can be accessed by selecting the gear cog icon (pictured to the right) in the upper left hand corner of your game interface.

Connecting/Disconnecting to Facebook & Google

Through the main settings window you can connect or disconnect from Facebook and Google Play by tapping the appropriate buttons. If you want to connect to either service you must tap the appropriate button and you will be redirected to a login page to enter your username and password. If you decide to disconnect from Facebook or Google Play you can do so by tapping the appropriate button and it will turn red. If you wish to reconnect to the same account or a different account you can do so by tapping the corresponding button and typing your information into the log-in page. Google Play is only available for Android.

Additional Settings

Additional Settings.png

Under Additional Settings you can change your game preferences. They include opting in/out of the seasonal regatta, disabling/enabling the coloured dot which indicates your online/offline status to co-op members in co-op building, disabling/enabling the cash confirmation pop-up, hide/show profile picture on top-left corner, turning off the chat filter in the coop chat and hide/show Airport button on bottom-right corner. If the tick is green and swiped right that means the feature is enabled, if it is white and swiped left the setting is off.

Help and Support

In-Game Support & Help Pages.PNG

You can contact support in-game by selecting the "Help And Support" button in your main settings. Here you can find the help pages to learn about in-game features as well as message support. If you still need help, select "No" in the bottom right corner and you can leave support a message. Be sure to explain your problem in as much detail as possible and include a screenshot before sending it to support. READ all automated messages carefully, do what they ask for, if possible, esp. REPLY IF they ask so, and wait up to 7 days for a response from CS. If none comes, reply in the same conversation as reminder that you are still waiting.

Click here for a more detailed guide on contacting support.

About the Game

Settings About the Game.png

Under the button "About the Game" you will find Playrix's "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Use".

This screen also shows your unique invitation code that you can share to find new in-game friends. Tap to copy "Your Code". To invite other players to your friends list follow this link to post your Add Friends advertisement.

Changing your Language

Settings Choose Language.png

To change your in-game language you can select the globe icon in the bottom right corner of the main settings page and check your desired language.

Turning off the music/sounds

Settings Music Sound Language.png

To turn on/off the music and sounds in your game you can select the music note and speaker buttons in the bottom right corner (pictured to the right). If the buttons have a red slash through them that means they are off, if they have no slash that means they are on.


You can enable/disable notifications in Township by selecting the Notification button in the main settings panel. A check beside a topic means you will receive notifications, if a topic is unchecked you will not receive notifications.