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Sheeplechase Spring.png
  • Lead all the runaway sheep back home
  • Collect stars in a fun mini-game
  • Get ready for amazing prizes and a competition with other mayors
  • 3 or 4 days
  • aka Sheep Rescue

Event Guide

Sheeplechase Spring Guide.png
  • Sheeplechase arrow.png Tap the screen when the sheep is passing over an arrow to make it jump or change direction
  • You get bonus stars for bringing the sheep back. The more stars you collect, the more prizes you'll win
  • Sheeplechase arrow bonus.png Take the bonus track. It's more challenging, but you'll get a bigger reward for completing it. Or you can stay on the main track if you don't want to risk it


  • You need Lives Lives.png to play. One (1) life refills automatically every 20 minutes, until you have 5.
  • You can receive more lives from such items as Gift Balloons from friends and the House of Luck.
  • You are able to continue to play until you lose a life. Alternatively, you can buy lives.


  • Collect enough stars Event Points.png (event points) to begin competing against other players and to earn your Personal Goal rewards.

Continue to Play

  1. Pay 5 T-cash to continue play with a Timer bonus. It'll slow the sheep down for a few seconds.
  2. Pay 10 T-cash to continue play with the Timer and the Star Multiplier x2 bonuses.
  3. Pay 15 T-cash to continue play with the Timer and the Star Multiplier x3 bonuses.
  • For a few corners barriers will appear that guide the sheep around the corners, where there are no more barriers you need to jump/turn the sheep again.

Win Streak

  • Beat as many levels in a row as you can to earn more stars x1.5, x2 or x3 times
Sheeplechase Win Streak.png
  • May not be in every event and/or may only be for a limited test group.

Hints and Tips

Add any hints and tips here or comment below to help others, thank you.

  • Do the Bonus tracks when on the slowest run speed
  • The Bonus track tasks will complete quicker when you are in Win Streak x3 - as this will count for x3 times of the amount calculated
  • Use Tap Tap Dash as a practice app because it works nearly the same as the event.

Event Tasks

The type of event tasks included in the Seasonal Adventure event:

Personal Event Goals

Now 20 stages
  • Earn stars to get rewards and get the grand prize
  • After winning the grand prize you can keep earning stars to win the next grand prize of 100 T-cash
  • Check the Comments section below for additional information or add a comment yourself
  • Note: previously for a test group

Please note: Rewards are being updated during game play. Shown below are possible rewards; keep in mind that prizes can vary among players and town levels.

No Event Points.png
Points shown below are for when the event is on for 3 days or 4 days or 4 days win streak
1. 130 Coin.png
x500-5000 Coins
2. 350 (3 days) Materials.png
x2 Glass, Slabs or Bricks
600 (4 days)
800 (4 days win streak)
3. 250 (3 days) Lives.png
x5 Lives
350 (4 day)
550 (4 days win streak)
4. 600 (3 days) Coin.png
x1500-11000 Coins
800 (4 days)
1600 (4 days win streak)
5. 1050 (3 days) Barn Upgrade Materials.png
x1 Hammer, Nail or Paint
1400 (4 days)
2950 (4 days win streak)
6. 450 (3 days) Lives.png
x5 Lives
600 (4 days)
1350 (4 days win streak)
7. 1050 (3 days) Coin.png
x2500-17000 Coins
1250 (4 days)
2950 (4 days win streak)
8. 1500 (3 days) Materials.png
x3 Glass, Slabs or Bricks
1950 (4 days)
4550 (4 days win streak)
9. 800 (3 days) Barn Upgrade Materials.png
x1 Hammer, Nail or Paint
1050 (4 days)
2400 (4 days win streak)
10. 1500 (3 days) Load Coupon.png
x3 Load Coupon
1820 (4 days)
4250 (4 days win streak)
11. 2050 (3 days) Lives.png
x5 Lives
2550 (4 days)
6150 (4 days win streak)
12. 1250 (3 days) Coin.png
x3500-23000 Coins
1600 (4 days)
3750 (4 days win streak)
13. 1950 (3 days) Barn Upgrade Materials.png
x2 Hammer, Nail or Paint
2400 (4 days)
5600 (4 days win streak)
14. 2550 (3 days) Barn Upgrade Materials.png
x1 Hammer, Nail or Paint
3200 (4 days)
7450 (4 days win streak)
15. 1750 (3 days) Coin.png
x4500-29000 Coins
2200 (4 days)
5050 (4 days win streak)
16. 2300 (3 days) Load Coupon.png
x5 Load Coupon
3000 (4 days)
6950 (4 days win streak)
17. 3000 (3 days) Barn Upgrade Materials.png
x2 Hammer, Nail or Paint
3900 (4 days)
9050 (4 days win streak)
18. 2300 (3 days) Load Coupon.png
x7 Load Coupon
3000 (4 days)
6950 (4 days win streak)
19. 3100 (3 days) Coin.png
x5500-35000 Coins
3800 (4 days)
9350 (4 days win streak)
20. 3800 (3 days) 100 T-cash Case.png
100 T-Cash
4700 (4 days)
11450 (4 days win streak)
Total 31730 (3 days) Repeat stages
40330 (4 days)
93280 (4 days win streak)

Event Competition

  • The Competition unlocks when you have completed your personal goals.
  • Go to the Competition tab and compete against 29 players of the same level.
  • If you place in the top three by the end of the event, you will receive greater rewards.
  • For town levels above 100 you are grouped with players approx. +/- 10 levels.
  • You may get slightly different prizes depending on what is (still) available in your town and your level. Prizes known to be substituted include gems, boosters, zoo decks, train/factory/island upgrade coupons, land expansion coupons. The substitute prize is usually either T-cash or building/expansion materials.
    • For example lower level players who haven't restored the airport, yet, may receive building/expansion materials instead of gems.
    • Lower level players who don't have many zoo animals might also get boosters or materials instead of zoo decks. Higher level players with all zoo animals may receive boosters/coupons or mining/barn equipment.
  • If profile pictures are repeated, players who already have the profile picture may receive more T-cash instead. Not relevant for Mayor's Competitions ie Transport Magnate or Mine Time.
  • The amount of coins for the lower ranks depend on the town level and range from 270/220/45 coins for lowest levels to 6000/5500/1000 for levels 100 and higher.
Position № and Title Reward 1 Reward 2 Profile Picture
Master Shepherd
50 T-cash
Super-harvest Booster.png
1 Super-Harvest Booster
Profile Pic 98.png
Profile Picture
Or Cash.png 55 T-cash
if you have the event profile picture already
Sheep's Best Friends
30 T-cash
Island Upgrade Coupon.png
1 Island Upgrade Coupon
Profile Picture
Or Cash.png 33 T-cash
if you have the event profile picture already
Practiced Catchers
Load Coupon.png
2 Load Coupons
Rare Deck.png
1 Rare Deck
(20 cards)

Or 3 Topaz.png Topaz
if you have collected all Zoo Cards
Adept Herders
Barn Upgrade Materials.png
2 Construction Materials
Regular Deck.png
1 Regular Deck
(10 cards)

Or Coin.png Coins
if you have collected all Zoo Cards
Skillful Ranchers
Rookie Rescuers

Event History

  1. December 2021
  2. January 20, 2022
  3. February 17, 2022
  4. February 28, 2022 : for some players, other players have Arcade Fever Event or Bubble Gum Festival Event
  5. March 21, 2022
  6. April 11, 2022
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