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Collection Artifact Picture Description

Stone Age

Stone Axe
Stone axe
Unfortunately we still don't know who the first person to make an axe out of a rock was.
Leaf-shaped arrows, spiked arrows, rhomboid arrows, triangular arrows, stem-like arrows... you won't find that kind of variety of arrows in the modern world.
Fishing Hook
Fishing Hook Icon
Want to catch a bigger Ichtyosauer? Then get yourself a bigger hook!
Mortar and Pestle
Mortar Pestle Icon
Even if you live in a cave, your kitchen absolutely needs a mortar and pestle!
Stone Statue
Stone Statue Icon
Even back then farmers still wore hat
Minimum Artifact Depth: 0

Wind Instruments

Shepherd's Horn
Shepherd's Horn-0
They say that cows that graze to music produce more milk.
Pan Flute
The ancients incas might have been the only people who ever knew how to play this instrument well.
This item might look a little preposterous at first glance, but it has an amazingly beautiful sound.
The tuba's bass blare can't be confused with anything else, except the horn on a steamer.
Saxophone Artifact
Learning to play the saxophone is no joke, but you've got a better chance nowadays thanks to the internet and all.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 0


Blue Lotus
Blue Lotus-0
This flower's beauty will never fade.
Flame Crystal
Flame Crystal-0
According to one legend, this crystal got its color from a dragon's fiery breath.
Emerald Crystal
Emerald Artifact
They say that farmers who touched this crystal could be cured of a number of illnesses.
Moon Crystal
No, this mineral didn't fall to earth from the moon. Try looking at it by moonlight, and youll figure it out.
Rainbow Crystal
Believe it or not, you can see rainbows in caves, too
Minimum Artifact Depth: 100

Pottery Artifacts

Clay Mug
Clay mug
They say a clay mug was considered the best holiday gift as far back as ancient times.
Ceramic Elephant
I wouldn't recommend getting an elephant as a pet. Stick to a little figurine like this one.
Antique Pitcher
Back in the day a pitcher like this one filled with milk would be waiting for you when you returned from an exhausting day working in the fields.
Vase Shard
Vase Shard-0
The people who lived here in ancient times knew how to combine practicality with art. That's why these shards are still considered valuable.
Clay Pipe
Clay Pipe-0
Before the invention of the television, the gentlemen of our town used to while away their evenings by the fire with a newspaper and a pipe.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 200


Birchbark Sandals
Before there were shoe stores, people used to go to the woods for shoes.
Medieval Shoes
With shoes like these ladies didn't have to worry about getting their feet wet.
Leather Shoes
Leather shoes
In the middle ages the lenght of the tips of thes shoes was regulated by law.
Fur Slippers
Fur Slippers-0
Fur slippers will always keep you from catching a cold.
First Sneakers
It would be hard to imagine modern fashion without sneakers.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 300


Ancient Mask
In the ancient theater all you needed to put on a play was one actor and a handful of masks.
Carnival Mask
Wearing a mask like this to a party will hardly make you incognito, but it will almost definitely intrigue your guests.
Bat Mask
Bat mask
Do you want to fly over the town under cover of night, bet the protector of Township , and have a huge fanclub? Well, you can't do it without this mask.
Venetian Mask
With a Venetian Mask on you can become whoever you want and leave the boundaries of real life.
African Mask
African Mask Icon
They won't let you into an African tribal party without a mask like this.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 400

History of Science

The first telescope looked a lot like a spyglass. The difference was, that the spyglass was used to look at land and the telescope was used to look at the moon.
If you even doubt that the earth is round, just look at a globe.
When people started running out of fingers to count on, they invented the abacus,
As it turns out, the invention of the scale coincided with of the weight-loss diet.
It turns out that more than just meteorites have fallen on our town.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 500

The Farm of Yore

Cart Wheel
Cart wheel
The amount of time and effort saved by this invention cannot be overstated.
There was a time when it would have been hard to picture a farmeer without a hoe.
Old Scissors
In the heart of every farmer is a hairdresser trying to get out.
No, this isn't a weapon. It's an old-fashioned tool for threshing grain.
The inventor of the sickle was probably inspired by the sight of the crescent moon.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 600

Stringed Instruments

In antiquity the lyre was seen as a kind of portable harp.
It takes longer to tune a lute than to play a guitar.
The debate about who invented this legendary instrument and when they did it rages to this day.
They say that anyone who hears a balalaika immediately starts doing a russian squatting dance.
This instrument is always the most popular guest at bonfire parties.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 700


Large Shell
They say that if you put a shell like this to your ear you can hear the sound of the ancient sea.
Pearl Shell
Pearl Shell-0
The pearl shell will occupy a worthy place among the collections of our town's celebrated jewellers.
Spiny Shell
Spiny Shell-0
Be careful when swimming in the sea - stepping on one of these shells is not a pleasant sensation.
Beaded Shell
Even sea creatures can have an artistic temperament.
Conch Shell
Conch Shell-0
The shape of the Waffle cones we use for ice cream was probably borrowed from ancient mollusks.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 800


Sun Dial
Sun dial
A clock like this is a nice thing to have, but it makes it easy to lose track of time at night.
The nice thing about an hourglass is that you don't have to wind it.
Desk Clock
Desk clock
Clocks like these still decorate farm houses to this day.
Pocket Watch
Every gentleman in our town used to carry a watch like this in his pocket.
Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock-0
Anyone can have problems with punctuality. To solve this problem, just buy an alarm clock. 
Minimum Artifact Depth: 950
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