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Wooden Spoon
Wooden Spoon-0
The secrets to certain dishes lie not in how to cook them, but in what to eat them with.
Antique Fork
Antique Fork-0
The evolution of the fork began with two teeth.
Kitchen Knife
Kitchen knife
There has never been a kitchen without a knife.
Chopsticks are a part of cultural history. Eating with them was surrounded by a mass of conventions and ceremony.
Cake Server
Cake server
People have always loved sweets, so don't let this find surprise you.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 1,100
Lock Set Horse-Shaped Lock
This is a great thing to lock up your stall with.
This is a handy item. It'll protect your barn better than any guard dog, and you don't even have to feed it.
There was a time when a door's security was measured by how many deadbolts it had on it.
Code Lock
Code Lock-0
With a lock like this, you don't need to worry about a key! Just make sure you've got a good memory...
Bike Lock
Bike lock
If you want to find your bicycle in the same place you left it, use a bike lock.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 1,350
Antique Fans Egyptian Fan
Egyptian Fan
The Pharaoh's servants were in great shape. You try fanning someone with a golden fan for a couple of hours.
Japanese Fan
According to legend, the master craftsman who first made these fans was inspired by the wings of a bat that fell at his feet.
Lace Fan
Lace Fan
On a hot, sunny day, going for a walk outside in a magnificent dress and a corset with no fan could lead to serious problems.
Gunbai Fan
Gunbai fan
These fans were used by chinese generals. They don't just protect you from the heat, they're also real weapons,
Peacock Fan
Peacock fan
It turns out that peacocks can do more than just look pretty - they also protect people from the sun's harmful rays.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 1,500
Roman Warriors Roman Centurion
Roman Centurion-0
Only a truly wise and brave warrior could lead a whole legion.
This warrior is obviously calling his comrades to arms... or maybe to lunch, who knows?
Being a gladiotor was a real honor, But it was also dangerous.
Forreign invaders would get week in the knees when they saw these terrifying soldiers.
The townspeople could sleep soundly knowing that these soldiers were patrolling the area.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 1,650
Art Carved Mammoth
Who could ever have guessed they'd dig up a wooly mammoth in Township?
All an artist used to need was a palette and three colors of paint to get all the colors of the rainbow.
Cave Painting
Even cavemen had paintings on their walls.
Statue Arm
Statue Arm-0
It was in our town that the arm of the Venus de Milo was discovered.
The secrets of building ancient cities and recipes for exotic dishes are incoded in these manuscripts... we just haven't managed to crack to code yet.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 1,800
Telephones First Telephone
First telephone
You had to shout really lout into this telephone if you wanted the person on the other end to hear you.
Desk Phone
Desk Phone-0
It might be a long way from cell-phone, but back then it was considered a space-saver.
Rotary Phone
Rotary Phone
This was a handy invention, but nowadays phone numbers have gotten so long that you might not enjoy using one.
First Cell Phone
This phone might look pretty enormous nowadays, but at the time it was considered an innovation
Cell Phone
Cell Phone-0
Nowadays children are learning how to use cell phones before they even learn to talk.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 1,950
The Evolution of Writing Quill Pen
They used to use a special cutting and sharpening method to prepare goose feathers for writing and drawing.
It would be hard to underestimate the significance of the pencil in our lives.
Fountain Pen
Fountain Pen
Calligraphy enthusiasts still use pens like these.
Ball-Point Pen
Ball-Point Pen-0
It just might be one of mankind's greatest inventions.
Everyone knows that laziness is the mother of invention. That's where the typewriter came from.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 2,100
Knight's Gear Halberd
Firearms are very effective on the battlefield, but before they vere invented, the halberd did quite nicely.
Knight's Helmet
Every knight believed that he had to keep his feet warm and his head helmeted.
Sword Fragment
Sword fragment
This sword is shrouded in mystery. Maybe we can find the other half...
Knight's Gauntlet
This is probably the sturdiest glove I have ever seen.
No good-luck charm afforded a knight more protection than a sturdy shield,
Minimum Artifact Depth: 2,250
Glassware Bottle
Bottle Artifact
A once-in-a-lifetime find! This bottle contains thousand-year-old air!
Glass Vase
Glass Vase-0
Amazing! How could such a delicate vase have remained intact all these time?
Christmas Tree Decoration
Decorating the town christmas tree is one of our oldest traditions.
Alchemist's Retort
You need to be very careful with this retort. Who knows what kinds of potions the alchemists of Yore brewed in it...
Glass Decanter
Glass Decanter-0
This lovely decanter is all that's left of the old town's first restaurant.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 2,400
Sport Memorabilia Antique Weight
Antique Weight-0
What a find! With a couple more of these you could open up a gym in the museum.
Old-Fashioned Hockey Stick
Modern hockey players break about a hundred sticks per season. Imagine how many has been broken since hockey was invented!
Leather Ball
Leather Ball
It looks like this ball still bears the autograph of a soccer player from those days...
Tennis Racket
Tennis Racket-0
The original multi-tool! Besides playing tennis with it, you can also use it to clean the dirt off cows.
Ice Skates
The wintergames were actually held in our town a long time ago.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 2,550
Blacksmithing Hammer
You don't need to be a genius to hit a piece of iron with a hammer, but forging something useful was considered high art.
The artist has his easel, the blacksmith - his anvil.
No blacksmith has ever gotten by without this tool.
Blacksmiths had to work with hot iron - you can't just grab it with your hands.
A vice is a handy thing to have around the house - you can crack nuts with it in a pinch.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 2,600
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