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Collection Artifact Picture Description
Dolls Woven Doll
Woven Doll
There were no toy stores in the town back then, but farmers' children found creative ways to deal with that problem.
Nesting Doll
Nesting Doll
The biggest set of nesting dolls has 72 pieces.
Japanese Doll
Japanese Doll
Believe it or not. This doll was never intended to be played with, it was made just to be looked at.
Until recently, not a single christmas passed without this toy under the tree.
Porcelain Doll
Porcelain Doll
Children had to be very careful when playing with these dolls. A single clumsy motion could turn one of them into a pile of shards.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 2,800
Ancestral Charms Budai
They say the most succesful people in history had one of these good-luck charms. No wonder - they grant wishes.
Our ancestors believed that they could receive an endless stream of good luck by aquiring a statue of Benzaiten.
When people needed a reliable protector for their secrets, they would entrust them to a dragon statue.
What else besides a healthy lifestyle can extend your life? At statue of Shouxin - that's what.
Ebisu artifact
Have you had a run of bad luck? With this good-luck charm fortune will definitely smile on you again
Minimum Artifact Depth: 3,000
Antique Hats Luxurious Beret
Luxurious Beret1
We don't know exactly when the beret first appeared, but they say it was based on caps worn by the celts.
Red Ribbon
Red Ribbon
A woman in one of these used to be able to charm any lady's man in the town.
Straw Hat
Straw Hat
A woman had to look elegant everywhere - Even on the farm. A strawhat fitted the bill perfectly.
Back then hats weren't just a way to keep your head warm - they were also part of your everyday outfit.

Hat with Feather

Hat with Feather
Are you sick and tired of your hat? Stick a feather in it and rejoice!
Minimum Artifact Depth: 3,200
Antique Pistols Double-Barreled Pistol
Double-Barreled Pistol
The first pistols weren't very accurate, so they added a second barrel to compensate.
24-Barreled Pistol
24-Barreled Pistol
The invention of this pistol was followed by that of the magazine.
Single-Barreled Pistol
Single-Barreled Pistol-0
One of the forefathers of handheld firearms.
Four-Barreled Pistol
Four-Barreled Pistol
If you ever get challenged to a duel, take along a four-barreled pistol - it'll quadruple your chances.
Six-Barreled Pistol
Six-barreled pistol
This is what happens if you let an arms race get out of control.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 3,500
Light Fixtures Candlestick
A candlestick is a welcome guest at any romantic dinner.
The history of the torch describes the marvelous transformation of a prehistoric light source into the symbol of the Olympics.
Kerosene Lamp
Kerosene lamp
They say the lamp was invented by a pharmacist. By the way, he immediately abandoned his drugstore and started selling kerosene lamps.
Desk Lamp
Desk lamp
Light fixtures has become a lot more fireproof since the advent of the electricity.
Sometimes it is harder to find this item at the bottom of my backpack than in the mine...
Minimum Artifact Depth: 4,000
Sound Preservers Sheet Music
Sheet Music
Just as the alphabet help us preserve most literary masterpieces, musical notation has kept musical masterpieces alive.
Vinyl Record
Vinyl is still popular among collectors and music lovers.
Reel-to-Reel Tape
Reel-to-reel Tape
The invention of the reel-to-reel tape finally gave mankind the ability to rock out!
Cassette Tape
Cassette Tape
The casette tape was the most popular audio format just a quarter of a century ago.
According to legend, the maximum storage capacity of the first CD was determined by Beethovens' 9th symphony.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 4,500
Jewelry Gemstone Ring
Gemstone Ring
I wonder whose finger this ringe once adorned. They obviously weren't an ordinary farmer.
Scorpion Broach
Scorpion Broach
Don't worry. This scorpion won't sting you, although it might blind you with it's beauty.
Gold Bracelet
Gold Bracelet
Bracelets became trendy one day, And they've stayed that way. All that's changed is their design, materials and appearance.
Queen's Crown
Queens Crown
Are you sick of wearing a regular hat? Do you want attention? Well, this hat is right up your alley!
Pearl Necklace
Pearl Necklace
Every lady in town used to wear necklaces like these on daily basis.Back then our town was the capital of the pearl industry.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 5,000
Coins First Coin
First Coin
The first coins weren't exactly round, so you could drop them without worrying about them rolling away.
Township Coin
Township Coin
An antique Township coin - a real collector's item.Every coin collector's dream.
Golden Clover
Golden Clover
If you find one of these coins in your change, don't spend it - they bring good luck.
One Rix
One Rix
What, we can't have our own currency?
Japanese Coin
Japanese Coin
There's nothing strange about finding a japanese coin around here.Our goods have been traded far and wide since time immemorial.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 5,500
Ahead of Time
Hero's Steam Engine
Hero's Steam Engine Icon
Hero of Alexandria invented a device he called an "aeolipile." It consisted of a sphere that was rotated using steam power, making it the first steam engine.
Tesla Coil
Tesla Coil
This coil transmitter's output can reach several million volts!
Penny Farthing Icon
This bicycle's name is derived from those of two British coins: the penny and the farthing. One was larger than the other, just like the bike's wheels.
Da Vinci's Flying Machine
Da Vinci's Flying Machine
"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward" said Leonardo, and then he built a flying machine.
Galileo's Compass
Galileos Compass
Galileo Gallilei built an instrument better known to us as a sector that helped solving many geometrical problems.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 7,500
Fossils Dinosaur Egg
Dinosaur Egg
It's astonishing that a 100-foot-long dinosaur could have hatched from this eight-inch egg!
Petrified Carrot
Petrified Carrot
The story behind this well-known root is buried in mystery, as it is more than 4000 years old!
Bee in Amber
Bee in Amber Icon
It would be hard to tell that this prehistoric insect frozen in a drop of timber sap is 100 million years old.
Saber-Toothed Cat
Saber-Toothed Cat
Saber-toothed cats owe their names to the curved, saber-shaped canine teeth that grew to be up to eight inches long in some species.
Ammonite shells are considered a symbol of happiness and prosperity in many cultures.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 9,500
Extraterrestrial Civilizations Handheld Ray Gun
Handheld Ray Gun Icon
Travelers never embark on space adventures without a ray gun. They’re the only way to make aliens understand you.
Alien Helmet
Alien Helmet Icon
Put this helmet on and forget worrying about visiting other planets! Even if their atmosphere is made of liquid methane instead of oxygen.
Broken Robot
Broken Robot Icon
Robots are critical when it comes to space ships. Unfortunately, we'll never find out what this one was in charge of since we don't have the parts we need to fix it.
Flying Saucer Model
Flying Saucer Model Icon
This flying machine looks like a baby alien's toy... On the other hand, it could be a space ship from some tiny planet.
Guide to the Galaxy
Guide to the Galaxy Icon
All the must-visit places in the Galaxy in one guide! For example, letter "E"—and the first on the list is Earth: "This safe planet is perfect for long walks."
Minimum Artifact Depth: 11,000
History's Greatest Mysteries Baghdad Battery
Baghdad Battery Icon
This battery is more than 2,000 years old! It's five inches tall and produces a voltage of 1V. What was it used for?
Antikythera Mechanism
Antikythera Mechanism Icon
Designed in the 2nd century B.C. to show the stars motion, this mechanism consisted of 37 gears, put together in a certain way.
Voynich Manuscript
Voynich Manuscript Icon
This codex was written in an unknown writing system in the 15th century. It hasn't been decoded yet, but you can always give it a try!
Quimbaya Airplane
Quimbaya Airplane Icon
Indian chief's precious jewelry. Even though this pendant was made 15 centuries ago, it looks like a modern airplane. Surprisingly, enlarged copies of this plane can fly.
Crystal Skull
Crystal Skull Icon
According to legend, the Maya made this skull and endowed it with mystical knowledge.
Minimum Artifact Depth: 11,700
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