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Collection Artifact Picture Description
Sunken Ship Ship Wheel
Ship Wheel Icon
An artifact with a checkered past, no wonder the ship wheel symbolizes adventure!
Cannonball Icon
The cannonball dates back to antiquity, when they were made of worked stone. Only in the 15th century was iron introduced.
Mast Fragment
Mast Fragment Icon
A piece of the ships' mast works just as well as a lifeboat in a pinch!
Ship Rope
Ship Rope Icon
Sailors would hang special cargo on such ropes to make a contraption called a coasting lead, which is where the first echolocation systems originated.
Barrel Icon
One such barrel could hold a week's supply of water for the whole ship.
Artifacts from: Any Island
Eastern Bazaar Carpet
The most expensive carpet ever is known to have occupied an area 400 feet in length and 100 feet in width, weighing a couple of tons.
Oil Lamp
Oil Lamp Icon
Oil lamps were made of stone and clay many centuries ago. In time they turned into impressive works of art.
Backgammon Icon
In ancient times the wisest men tried to predict the future as well as the fate of dynasties with the help of this game.
Bottle of Perfume
Bottle of Perfume-0
Can you smell that fantastic fragrance? This perfume is a real treasure of the art of perfumery.
Oriental beauties thought earrings were indicative of high social status and considered them evidence of wealth and prosperity.
Artifacts from: Frutus Isle
Underwater World Fire Coral
Fire Coral Icon
Some of the coral's branches are 500 years old.It's hard to believe they were around when Christopher Columbus discovered America.
Brain Coral
Brain Coral Icon
Brain corals are only found in the tropics where water is warm all year round.
Palythoa Icon
Palythoa polyps are one of the very few species there have both blue and purple in their coloration.
Stove-Pipe Sponge
Stove-Pipe Sponge Icon
Little fish and even lost hermit crabs can live in this coral's cavities.
Birdsnest Coral
Birdsnest Coral Icon
A pink coral was considered a symbol of immortality in ancient Greece. They certainly do stick around for a while!
Artifacts from: Any Island
Sporting Events The Discobolus
Discobolus Artifact
The first Greek sculpture, that managed to capture the human body in fast motion.
Javelin Thrower
Javelin Thrower Icon
Accuracy was paramount when throwing a javelin in ancient Greece, while the modern Olympic Games prioritize distance.
Basketball Player
Basketball Player Icon
Young professor James Naismith invented a simple game by nailing two peach baskets onto elevated tracks. And that was the beginning of basketball.
Finishing first was as important as keeping the fire burning during torch races in ancient times.
Archer Icon
One of the most fascinating and beautiful archery achievements was when an archer shot a flaming arrow to light the Olympic cauldron and kick off the games.
Artifacts from: Olivia Isle
Tourist Equipment Sunglasses
Sunglasses first became available in the 16th century when craftsmen started adding crushed gems to glass lenses in order to absorb light.
Hawaiian Shirt
Hawaiian Shirt Icon
This shirt happens to be a part of the official dress code for members of the Hawaiian House of Representatives.
Did you know the oldest known backpack is almost 5,000 years old?
Camera Icon
For many tourists this artifact is more important even than a backpack full of other essentials.
The best rule of thumb for any tourist if all else fails is to check a map.
Artifacts from: Any Island
Islander Life
Islander Outfit
Islander Outfit Icon
A lovely bone if you don't think about where it came from.
Mate Gourd
Mate Gourd
A traditional vessel for mate, It is made of pumpkin and is a distant relative of the cocktail glass and straw.
Leaf Skirt
Leaf Skirt Icon
Islanders put these skirts on during important meetings and ceremonies; tourists wear them too, though they do it for parties.
Tomahawk Icon
Tomahawk shafts were often pipes with a bowl at the end.
Fang Necklace
Fang Necklace Icon
This necklace is believed to scare evil spirits away. to be honest, even people get a bit uneasy looking at it.
Artifacts from: Tropica Isle
Ship Models Galley
Galley Icon
Rowing is tough. Ship speed depends on even oar motion, which is why galleys had musicians on board to keep the rhythm.
Frigate Icon
Three masts and an armored deck make it no surprise that these ships were used in battle
Jon Boat
Jon Boat-0
According to legend, the Jon boat was originally created by the first ruler of China.
Ironclad Warship
Ironclad Warship Icon
Back in 1915 the British fleet cracked up when it found out its new ironclad had been attacked with cannonballs. Not even a dent remained, though the clanging was ungodly.
Battleship Icon
These ships can house up to 3,000 people.
Artifacts from: Any Island
Good Catch
Fishing Rod
Fishing Rod Icon
One of the oldest pieces of fishing tackle, it remains the most popular even today.
Fish Hook
Fish Hook Icon
According to experienced fishermen, there's a particular type of hook for every kind of fish.
Fishing Float
Fishing Float Icon
Many centuries have passed since the times when cavemen used a piece of wood to figure out exactly when they got a bite.
Harpoon Icon
Harpooning fish works well if you have good equipment and technique.
Spinning Rod
Spinning Rod Icon
Spinning rods were first introduced in England at the end of the 19th century, while spin fishing was listed as a generally recognized type of sport in 1956.
Artifacts from: Fishermen's Isle
Cinnamon Icon
Cinnamon has been valued as a spice and medicinal product for a long time, even being called the “pure spice.”
Saffron Icon
It takes 200,000 crocus leaves to produce two pounds of saffron. No wonder it is the most expensive spice in the world!
Ginger Icon
In ancient times people used ginger roots as money. It was only sometime later that they tasted their "currency."
Star Anise
Star Anise
These wonderful stars can turn any beverage into a masterpiece of culinary art!
Paprika Icon
This popular spice made of chili peppers can add unparalleled taste to almost any dish.
Artifacts from: Frutus Isle
Legacy of the Gods
Sandals of Hermes
Sandals of Hermes
The young god used these winged sandals to flash from Olympus to anywhere else in the world.
Shield of Athena
Shield of Athena Icon
Everyone has probably heard the phrase "under the aegis." However, few know that Aegis is the second name of the shield carried by the goddess of war.
Trident of Poseidon
Trident of Poseidon Icon
One wave of this trident causes devastating storms that wreak havoc on both ordinary sailors and heroes embarking on distant sea voyages.
Bow of Artemis
Bow of Artemis Icon
Artemis frequently uses her bow and arrows as a weapon of punishment, strictly enforcing the laws of nature.
Scales of Themis
Scales of Themis Icon
These scales are synonymous with justice, as impartial Themis would use them to weigh the arguments put forth by the defense and the prosecution.
Artifacts from: Olivia Isle
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