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Blowgun Icon
While blowguns are a simple and compact type of weapon, their darts can be shot about 100 feet.
Wood Bead Necklace
Wood Bead Necklace Icon
It is widely assumed that the more bead necklaces a female islander has on her neck, the more her husband loves her. Some women wear 13-18 pounds on their shoulders!
Wooden Amulet
Wooden Amulet Icon
Islanders believe this “charmer” can protect them from being jinxed. The magical cane in his hand certainly looks menacing.
Turtle Figurine
Turtle Figurine Icon
The turtle is sacred and the symbol of cosmic order for Tropica inhabitants.
Comb Icon
The oldest known comb was found at an excavation site dating back to Ancient Rome. It was made of animal bone and had eight teeth.
Artifacts from: Tropica Isle
Pirate Chest
Tricorne Icon
The tricorne is part of military uniforms. No wonder it was so popular among pirates as deserting sailors often swelled their ranks.
Eye Patch
Eye Patch
Pirates would cover one of their eyes with a patch during battles at night: if there was a blinding flash, they could still see with the eye that was used to the dark.
Pirate Hook
Pirate Hook Icon
The first pirate hook owned by a famous pirate was mentioned in 1904. That pirate was Captain Hook from *Peter Pan*.
Jolly Rodger
Jolly Roger Icon
Pirates hoisted the Jolly Roger to claim the protection of the devil himself, making resistance futile!
Bottle of Rum
Bottle of Rum Icon
It's impossible to picture a pirate without a bottle of rum, a fact explained by the poor quality of drinking water on ships.
Artifacts from: Any Island
Life Preserver
Life Preserver Icon
This personal life-saving buoy for sailors was invented by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the famous writer.
Flare Gun
Flare Gun Icon
Flare guns remain the easiest and most effective way to visually send out a mayday signal.
Life Jacket
Life Jacket Icon
The first life jackets were cork vests that shortly became what we know today.
Message in a Bottle
Message in a Bottle Icon
This odd kind of “sea mail” was invented by a Greek philosopher.
Matches Icon
Fire is key to survival, letting you cook, get warm, and signal for help all at once.
Artifacts from: Any Island
Owl Icon
Many tribes considered the owl a symbol of supernatural knowledge and magical powers.
Turtle Icon
Islanders believe this golden turtle amulet grants its owner health and longevity.
Bear Icon
Locals believe that bears do not attack people whose totem animal is the bear, instead taking them as a one of their own.
Wolf Icon
It is believed that this talisman grants stamina and helps travelers.
Eagle Icon
The eagle is thought to be able to see what's beyond this world, which is why it was often chosen by shamans as their totem.
Artifacts from: Tropica Isle
Fortuneteller's Tools
Tarot Cards
Tarot Cards Icon
According to legend, there was once a temple with 22 rooms in Ancient Egypt. Each room had different paintings that eventually served as illustrations for the first deck of tarot cards.
Runes Icon
In the old Germanic languages, “rune” means “secret”. No wonder people considered them magical, using them to read fortunes.
Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball Icon
A crystal ball made of beryl, a transparent mineral, has been an essential companion for fortune tellers and charlatans throughout history.
Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie Icon
The dispute over the origin of these sweet envelopes has lasted for years now, involving China, Japan, and the US.
Ouija Board
Ouija Board Icon
These boards were popularized by American spiritualist Pearl Curran as a tool for channeling the spirit world in early 20th century.
Artifacts from: Frutus Isle
Fishing Bait
Ice-Fishing Lure
Ice Fishing Lure Icon
Ice-fishing lures are designed for winter fishing in mountain streams.
Artificial Fly
Artificial Fly Icon
The way this lure moves underwater reminds fish of an insect.
Spinnerbait Icon
A spinnerbait attracts fish not only with its visual play but also with the vibrations it produces at different frequencies.
Shad Icon
What is it about this guy that attracts predatory fish? Primarily, the way it moves, and secondarily, its taste.
Wobbler Icon
James Heddon, an American beekeeper, invented this lure, and the first wooden wobbler is still on display at the Heddon Museum.
Artifacts from: Fishermen's Isle
Animal Figurines
Monkey Icon
Pictures of monkeys are very controversial, representing man's positive and negative sides at the same time.
Lion Icon
The lion is a symbol of valor, power, and courage. No wonder they don’t recommend fighting a lion unless you are one yourself.
Rhinoceros Icon
According to ancient Chinese feng shui, this type of figurine provides your house with excellent protection.
Giraffe Icon
They say the giraffe figurine brings money and luck.
Elephant Icon
The elephant is a symbol of holy wisdom, royal dignity, invincible power, and prudence.
Artifacts from: Any Island
Armillary Sphere Icon
The armillary sphere is one of the oldest astronomical devices used to plot coordinates, as it was invented more than two thousand years ago.
Galileo's Telescope
Galileo's Telescope Icon
Back in 1609 Galileo Galilei made the first telescope using its 32x zoom to observe stars in the sky.
Sextant Icon
This instrument is used to measure the angle between the sun or another astronomical object and the horizon in order to determine one's location.
Compass Icon
The compass was invented in China, and for many centuries it was used not for navigation, but to orient buildings according to feng shui.
Sea Atlas
Sea Atlas Icon
Embarking on a sea voyage without this atlas could have you ending up crashed on a coral reef or living on a deserted island.
Artifacts from: Any Island
Secret Agent
Dagger Shoe
Dagger Shoe Icon
The poisoned blade in the dagger shoe is activated with a coil spring, killing the enemy within a few seconds.
Camouflage Kit
Camouflage Kit Icon
Camouflage is critical for secret agents, as they need to be able to quickly change the way they look.
Wiretapping Kit
Wiretapping Kit Icon
Eavesdropping is generally frowned upon, though it can also be highly useful—especially when you want to learn your enemy's evil plans.
Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass Icon
Not a single detail will ever go unnoticed with this magnifying glass.
Fedora Icon
This headwear is unusual in that its incredibly sharp brim can slice stones in half.
Artifacts from: Any Island
Treasures of the East
Chalice Icon
Only extraordinarily strong people were able to drink from this solid gold chalice, as it weighs more than 22 pounds!
Cup Icon
The lower part looks like a winged animal, something that, according to legend, was supposed to protect its owner from poison.
Chest Icon
Making such a chest took quite a bit of time: almost five years for even the most experienced craftsmen!
Figurine Icon
One theory is that this figurine symbolizes the eastern god Mitra, a solar deity who “makes plants grow.”
Griffin Bracelet
Griffin Bracelet Icon
Being granted a royal gift was a major honor at the Persian court: you could have received a horse with gold bits or a griffin bracelet...
Artifacts from: Frutus Isle
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