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Collection Artifact Picture Description
Lottery Ticket
Lottery Ticket Icon
When a pigeon landed on a house in ancient China, the owner of that house won the lottery. Lottery tickets have been invented since then, something that has made finding winners much easier.
Chips Icon
Chips are part and parcel of the casino scene, and any attempt to replace them would be unpopular with players.
Roulette Icon
Gamblers lose everything or become fabulously rich, cheaters come up with new tricks, and the church has even classified roulette as diabolical.
Dice Icon
This game became popular thanks to Roman patricians, some of whom were famous for trying their luck.
Deck of Cards
Deck of Cards Icon
Europe first heard of playing cards in the 1300s, with gambling banned that same century.
Artifacts from: Any Island
Gladiator's Equipment
Helmet Icon
Even beyond its combat purposes, the visor on this helmet would guarantee the anonymity of the wearer by keeping their face hidden from their opponent.
Breastplate Icon
Wearing a breastplate not only protected combatants from sword thrusts; fights were also prolonged, much to the audience's delight.
Mace Icon
This gladiator weapon was first introduced only a century before the collapse of the empire. Regardless, it proved an excellent weapon in combat.
Shield Icon
Shields did a good job protecting fighters in combat, but audiences demanded blood. That was why they started making smaller shields.
Gladius Icon
The word “gladiator” derives from the name of this weapon, literally meaning “the one who possesses a sword.”
Artifacts from: Olivia Isle
Tropical Cocktails
Coconut Sonata
Coconut Sonata Icon
The taste of coconut milk tinged with a few drops of lemon juice will leave even the most selective palate satisfied.
Pineapple Storm
Pineapple Storm Icon
Mix pineapple and lychee juice, add a slice of orange, and watch out for the pineapple storm brewing in your very hands!
Watermelon Breeze
Watermelon Breeze Icon
The Watermelon Breeze is a cocktail that mixes mint into watermelon juice, perfect for those who could use a refreshing beverage.
Tropical Mix
Tropical Mix Icon
They say this tropical mix inspired Paul Gauguin to paint his now-famous tropical landscapes.
Melon Symphony
Melon Symphony Icon
This symphony was composed with peachy notes added to a melony melody, all with a cherry accompaniment. Your masterpiece is ready!
Artifacts from: Tropica Isle
Handcar Icon
The first means of rail transportation invented by man was this handcar, which is driven by a large lever.
Maglev Train
Maglev Train Icon
This train uses magnetic levitation to keep it off the ground, allowing it to reach phenomenal speeds.
Diesel Train
Diesel Train Icon
Diesel trains can run without electricity and are light, powerful, and very maneuverable.
Steam Locomotive
Steam Locomotive Icon
The steam locomotive is the most amazing vehicle ever invented by man. Metal, fire, air, and water combine to make a single roaring monster.
Electric Train
Electric Train Icon
These trains make much less noise than others, accelerate quickly, and don’t pollute.
Artifacts from: Any Island
Queen Icon
The vizier, the king's advisor, turned into a queen in the European version of chess. Many chess historians think this is due to the might of Queen Isabella I of Castile.
Rook Icon
When the Spanish first came across chess, they depicted these pieces as towers instead of chariots due to a small linguistic error.
Knight Icon
This chess piece was supposed to depict a cavalier, or a horse and rider. With time it was simplified to the horse we have today.
Elephant Piece Icon
In the European version of the game, this piece looks like a bishop wearing a high hat instead of an elephant. The reason is simple: at that time elephants were unknown to Europeans.
Pawn Icon
The pawn is the most numerous and dispensable piece on the chessboard. The name means “dismounted warrior.”
Artifacts from: Any Island
Malachite Vase
Malachite Vase Icon
Vases made with malachite are both stylish and longer-lasting.
Ceramic Vase
Ceramic Vase Icon
According to archeological finds, ceramic vases even decorated the dwellings of Egyptian pharaohs.
Greek Amphora
Greek Amphora Icon
One of the distinctive features of this vase is the fact that it has handles on both sides. The word *amphora* itself means “something that can be carried from either side.”
Floor Vase
Floor Vase Icon
This vase is perfect for decorating large areas!
Gold Pitcher
Gold Pitcher Icon
This heirloom has been passed down from generation to generation for a couple of centuries.
Artifacts from: Olivia Isle
Diving Equipment
Flippers Icon
Flippers date back to Leonardo da Vinci, who was the first to invent swim gloves resembling the webbed feet of waterfowl.
Scuba Mask
Scuba Mask Icon
A French soldier created a scuba mask back in 1917, though the lack of demand meant no one paid much attention.
Aqualung Icon
You can immerse yourself in the underwater world for a couple hours without drowning thanks to this piece of equipment.
Underwater Flashlight
Underwater Flashlight Icon
The light not only shows you where to go; it is also a great way for divers to communicate underwater.
Diving Helmet
Diving Helmet Icon
Put this helmet on and you’ll immediately feel like you’re in *Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea*.
Artifacts from: Fishermen's Isle
Shaman's Tent
Dreamcatcher Icon
Native Americans believe nightmares get trapped in the web of this dreamcatcher, while good dreams slip through the hole in the middle.
Rattle Icon
Any good shaman knows rituals can only be performed with a monotonous and rhythmic background sound.
Shaman's Drum
Shaman's Drum Icon
A shaman’s drum can serve as a model of the universe, a path to other worlds, and even a weapon against evil spirits!
Ceremonial Dagger
Ceremonial Dagger Icon
Islanders believe this dagger’s blade is capable of exorcising any kind of spirit.
Spellbook Icon
This grimoire is a textbook for the art of magic that contains spells, recipes, and tips for shamans.
Artifacts from: Tropica Isle
Postage Stamps
Gronchi Rosa
Gronchi Rosa Icon
This stamp almost caused an international scandal: the artist made a mistake drawing Peru’s boundaries.
Missing Virgin
Missing Virgin Icon
The figure of St. Ursula was replaced by a brilliant white spot at the center of the stamp. That’s why it’s called the Missing Virgin.
Inverted Jenny
Inverted Jenny Icon
One misprinted sheet of 100 stamps went unnoticed... by everyone except stamp collectors.
Ox Head
Ox Head Icon
This little piece of paper is already worth more than $1,000!
Red Mercury
Red Mercury Icon
Stamp collectors say there are no more than 40 of these stamps left.
Artifacts from: Any Island
Legends and Myths
Philosopher's Stone
Philosopher's Stone Icon
According to alchemists, this stone turns base metals into gold and even grants immortality.
Phoenix Feather
Phoenix Feather Icon
Possession of the phoenix feather promises riches and success. However, it might also bring adventures of a different sort out of nowhere.
Pandora's Box
Pandora's Box Icon
The most important thing to remember is to never open this box. Trust me, nothing good would come of that.
Excalibur Icon
Excalibur is the legendary sword of King Arthur, who ruled in England when knights gathered around the Round Table.
Apple of Discord
Apple of Discord Icon
This golden apple with “to the fairest” inscribed on it both sparked a dispute among three goddesses and led to the Trojan War.
Artifacts from: Frutus Isle
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