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Feb. 9, ~ Feb 19, 2018

Snow Ride Event Guide Edit

  1. Join a team: Betsy (cow), Peggy (pig) or Molly (sheep). All Township players join one of the 3 teams and contribute to that team's star point total. At the end of the event, each team will give its players access to the gold, silver or bronze level bonus prizes.
  2. Give resources to the Snow Factory to get snowflakes.
  3. Pay 3 snowflakes to ride the snowboarding course. Collect stars by swiping up or down to move between lanes; jump over log or stump obstacles by tapping the screen. Complete the course for bonus stars.

You can also earn snowflakes as a daily login bonus, or from balloons sent to your town by friends.

Snow Ride Event Playrix Guide

Snow Ride Goods Edit

The Snow Factory requires a variety products during the event including temporary event products. Supplying each snow machine will create snowflakes which you can use to race.

Recipes Material
Dealer Available Icon
Help Icon
Made in
Sports Drink Level 17
Sports Drink
1 sugarcane

2 strawberry

30m 25xp 59 coins 12 4 Sugar Factory
Scarf Level 10
2 cotton 30m 16xp 37 coins 12 3 Textile Factory
Earmuffs Level 31
2 wool
1 plastic
1h15m 54xp 127 coins 9? 3 Tailor Shop
Pennant Level 18
2 wood 45m 15xp 36 coins 12 3 Paper Factory

Personal Event RewardsEdit

Follow the track and collect stars while snowboarding to earn prizes. After the 7th stage the race continues and you will get new goals and rewards as long as you go on. The rewards are random from the 8th stage.

Goal Need Reward Preview
1st Goal 300 Stars 3 Tcash
3 Cash
2nd Goal 700 Stars 1 Hammer
+2 Slabs
3rd Goal 1100 Stars 3 Topaz
+7 Pickaxes
4th Goal 1550 Stars Snow Wave Statue
+2 Paint
Snow Wave Statue
5th Goal 2100 Stars 3 Load Coupons
+1 Mine Lab Booster
Load Coupon
See the light
6th Goal 2700 Stars 3 Nails
+1 Generous Customer
Generous customer
7th Goal 3400 Stars Bobsled Track
+15 Tcash
+Profile Pic 104
Bobsled Track
Profile Pic 104
8th+ Goal 2400+ Stars
per chest

(+300 Stars)

Treasure Chest
+3 to 6 Tcash,
+2, 3, 6 Tools,
+2 to 4 Zoo Materials,
+2 Gold Ingots
Lottery Chest

Snow Ride TournamentEdit

Become the best snow course racer! Collect as many stars as you can before the tournament ends to get top prizes. The tournament unlocks once you've completed your first personal goal. Go to the Competition tab and compete against 29 real players. If you place in the top three by the end of the event, you will receive special rewards.

Place Titles Rewards Profile Pic 105
1st Slopestyle Champions 20 Tcash
+1 Train Upgrade Coupon
+Profile Pic 105
Train Coupon
Profile Pic 105
2nd-3rd Legendary Snowboarders 12 Tcash
+1 Smart Navigation Booster
+Profile Pic 105
Smart Navigation
4th-7th Freestyle Stars 8 Tcash
+2 Load Coupons
Load Coupon
8th-12th Snow Surfers +2 Nails
3900 coins
13th-19th Back Flip Masters 3600 coins
20th-30th Free Rider Favorites 650 coins

Snow Ride Team Competition Edit

The team you join at the beginning of the event determines your bonus item payout at the end. Different sets of bonuses are awarded depending on how your team places in the rank.

  • First place (Betsy's team): x3 Gold Ingots, x4 Load Coupons, x4 Tcash
  • Second place (Peggy's team): x3 Silver Ingots, x3 Load Coupons
  • Third place (Molly's team): x3 Bronze Ingots, 2x Load Coupons
Snow Ride Team Rewards

All Snow Ride Decorations Edit

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