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Spacious Railcar Intro.png
  • Load and send off trains.
  • They'll bring back twice as many materials while the offer is on.

Spacious Railcars is a special offer that may last for 1-2 days during the Transport Magnate Event and the Mine Time Event.

Construction materials brought by your trains are doubled during this special offer.

These items appear in your game while this special offer is on:

  • A green "x2" word appears when you collect each materials, which reminds you it is doubled.
  • Spacious Railcars Icon.png at the train station to show that the materials are doubled.
  • Spacious Railcars Icon 2.png event icon on the right-hand side of your screen.

Event Tips

  • View the information on the train page
  • Unlock all 3 train tracks and trains
  • Send all trains 2-3 hours before this special offer or don't collect the materials when they arrive, so that you can double the materials when the special offer starts
  • Upgrade trains in the Academy of Industry to reduce the time the train takes to return
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