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This is where the Township Wiki Community can organize and discuss projects for the Wiki.

New to Wikis?

How to Contribute

  • You can improve various article stubs by adding content.
  • Update and/or add missing information to the tables found on pages.
  • To view changes to this Wiki, see new users, and view all edits visit recent changes.
  • If you need help editing you can visit Help:Editing or Help:Contents.

Contributing to the Wiki

Here's a list of some helpful activities you can do on the Wiki to improve it.

  • Help expand some article stubs or any pages that are missing information.
  • Add missing information to tables or proofread some pages.
  • Want to see how you've helped contribute?
    Visit your contributions page.

Community To Do List

These are tasks the admin(s) or community can help complete by contributing.

  • Update goods, dealer quantities, or co-op quantities on the Goods page.
  • Events
    • You can help the wiki by checking the content on the Events pages are correct and up to date. There may be slight changes to an event or large ones which means that even repeating events need their pages reviewed and updated.
  • Missing Screenshots
    • You can help the wiki by adding missing images to the comments section on the page.
    • Add images of missing or updated designs for Characters, including their name, what level they appear, what building or zoo enclosure they introduce and what events they are hosts for.
    • Profile Pictures - add images of missing or updated designs, including the event and how to achieve it.
  • Decorations

When taking a screenshot of any decoration please make sure to surround it in snow and zoom in as much as possible, so it's easier to edit and add to the wiki. Screenshots directly from the Store are fine as well.

Add to the Community To-Do-List

You can suggest things you want to add to the Community To-Do-List by posting a new message on the Wiki Discussions.

Want to Discuss a Topic?

For general discussions, questions, and more you can visit the Wikis Discussion Board

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