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Special Buildings have different interactive features that help you develop your town.

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Academy of Industry ~ Airport ~ Barn ~ Central Museum ~ City Market ~ Co-op ~ Event Center ~ Foundry ~ Helicopter ~ House of Luck ~ Laboratory ~ Mine ~ Port ~ Race of Champions ~ Regatta ~ Ships ~ Tool Exchange ~ Town Hall ~ Train ~ Yacht Club ~ Zoo ~
Pier includes Co-op, Regatta, Yacht Club, and Race of Champions

  • These are buildings found in the Special tab in the Township Store Store Icon.png for you to build when you reach the required town level TownLevel.png.
  • There are special buildings that are not found in the store because they are already built in your town by default.
  • For the remaining special buildings you will be asked to reconstruct or restore, when you reach the required town level TownLevel.png.
General table information can be found here.
Town Level
Population required.png
TownLevel.png 1 n/a Free n/a 0xp 3 x 3
The barn is where most goods are stored, such as crops, farm/factory goods, island goods, construction materials and ingots from the foundry.
Helicopter Pad.png
TownLevel.png 3 n/a Free Instant 0xp 3 x 3
Send the helicopter filled with goods for customers orders and receive coins and XP (experience), which will help you to level up.
Train Station.png
Train 1:
TownLevel.png 5
n/a Free Instant 0xp Fixed
Train 2:
TownLevel.png 14
n/a Coin.png 1,000 Instant 0xp Fixed
Train 3:
TownLevel.png 25
n/a Coin.png 14,000 Instant 0xp Fixed
Send trains loaded with goods to return with construction materials for completing community buildings, materials to upgrade your barn, tools for land expansions and unlocking islands, and tools for digging in the mine. You will gain XP and coins for loading goods in your friends trains, whereas you will only receive XP when loading your own railcars.
Town hall.png
Town Hall
TownLevel.png 6 n/a Free Instant 0xp 2 x 2
Go to your Town Hall to see your personal statistics, information on your achievements, to choose a profile picture, and to view or change equipment colors in rooms which you earn in the Hammer Time Event. Visit the Town Hall in your friends towns and see what you can learn about them.
Event Center New Event Coming.png
Event Center
TownLevel.png 8 n/a Free Instant
an event
0xp Fixed
The Event Center is located in front of the train station and the zoo entry. Limited-time events are held for players to compete with other players and earn a variety of rewards including coins, T-cash, construction materials, zoo decks, boosters and profile pictures. You can't do anything with this building site when there is no event on.
House of Luck.png
House of Luck Store Icon.png
TownLevel.png 11 160 Coin.png 800 12h 38xp 2 x 2
When you have 5 clovers Clover.png, you can visit the House of Luck and play to win prizes like coins, T-cash, construction materials, and zoo cards. Visit the House of Luck page to learn how to earn clovers.
City Market.png
City Market Store Icon.png
TownLevel.png 13 250 Coin.png 1,700 18h 75xp 3 x 3
You can purchase a variety of goods, materials, and also hire the dealer with T-cash to search for and buy items.
TownLevel.png 17 n/a Coin.png 1,500 24h 66xp 4 x 3
Send fully-loaded planes to get rewards and chests that may contain gems, construction materials, ingots, and zoo cards (after the Zoo is restored).
Laboratory Store Icon.png
TownLevel.png 18 560 Coin.png 1,800 1d 79xp 2 x 2
Activate boosters to temporarily increase crop yields, speedup factory production, and more.
Co-op building pier regatta yacht race.png
Co-op, Regatta, Yacht Club, and Race of Champions
TownLevel.png 19 Coin.png 1,200 8h 54xp Fixed
The pier includes the co-op building, the yacht club, and areas where the regatta and race of champions are held.
  • A co-op is a group of players who get together to chat, help each other with goods and participate in co-op events like the Regatta, and Race of Champions.
  • A Regatta is a race consisting of members whose goal is to complete tasks to sail your co-op's yacht further, and gain points along the way to earn chests full of rewards.
  • Completing regatta tasks allow you to earn tokens Token.png, which you can spend in the Yacht Club on decorations, mining tools, construction materials, lab boosters, gems, or coupons.
  • Race of Champions is where co-op members work together to complete tasks and race against other co-op teams. The race can be accessed via the race track building located near the co-op and regatta buildings.
Foundry x3 Store Icon.png
TownLevel.png 21 730 Coin.png 2,000 1d 12h 87xp 2 x 2
TownLevel.png 21 920 Coin.png 8000 1d 12h 335xp 2 x 2
TownLevel.png45 4,950 Coin.png 15,000 1d 12h 623xp 2 x 2
After collecting ore from the Mine, smelt it at the Foundry to make ingots. Use the ingots to upgrade factories/trains/islands at the Academy of Industry or purchase decorations.
TownLevel.png 21 n/a Coin.png 3,000 1d5h 128xp 5 x 3
In the mine you dig up ores for smelting at the foundry to make ingots. You may also discover artifacts to display at the museum, gems, coins, message in a bottle, and treasure rooms with chests and more coins.
Academy of Industry.png
Academy of Industry Store Icon.png
TownLevel.png 22 810 2 Silver ingot.png
6 Bronze ingot.png
1d 17h 269xp 2 x 2
At the Academy of Industry you can view a list of your current factories, trains and islands available for upgrading with ingots, which can be produced at the Foundry.
TownLevel.png24 n/a Coin.png 5,000 12h 211xp Fixed
Enter the zoo grounds to build your enclosures to display your animals and zoo decorations.
Central Museum Store Icon.png
TownLevel.png 26 1,280 Coin.png 8,000 2d 335xp 2 x 2
Display the artifacts you find in the mine or islands at the Central Museum. Be rewarded T-cash for assembling full collections of ancient artifacts.
TownLevel.png 29 n/a Coin.png 8,000 2d 335xp Fixed
At the Port, get exotic goods by sending off ships to isles.
You can have a maximum of four ships.
Ships x4 Store Icon.png
Ship 1:TownLevel.png 29 0 Free Instant 0xp Fixed
Ship 2:TownLevel.png 29 2,050 Coin.png 5,000 Instant 0xp Fixed
Ship 3:TownLevel.png 32 2,500 Coin.png 8,000 Instant ? Fixed
Ship 4:TownLevel.png 38 3,500 Coin.png 25,000 Instant ? Fixed
Tool Exchange.png
Tool Exchange Store Icon.png
TownLevel.png 60 7100 Coin.png 12,000 12h 500 xp 2 x 2
The tool exchange helps exchange construction materials for tools that you need to complete the construction of community buildings.

Legacy Information

Town Level
Population required.png
TownLevel.png 31 1,650 Coin.png 15,000 2d 623xp 2 x 2
You could produce coins at the Mint. Removed from Mobile 17th March 2019 (v6.5.0) and replaced with Tool Exchange.
Removed from Windows Oct 2020.
Zoo (2015-2019)
TownLevel.png 40 n/a Coin.png 20,000 3d 211xp Fixed
Legacy information for the Zoo.

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