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Spooky Castle Event

Oct 25, 2016

Spooky Castle Event IntroductionEdit

Fill your castle with monsters to make it spookier and earn prizes! Filling monsters' orders lures them into the castle and makes it even spookier. Score as many evil points as you can to earn valuable prizes.

Character Event Information
Emma the little witch
Emma the Witch
Seasonal Customer
Spooky Castle Event Guide

Spooky Castle Event GuideEdit

Earn evil points by luring monsters into your castle. Collect as many points as you can to receive valuable rewards. You will also help the entire community reach the Global Event Goal and pick up a unique holiday decoration!."

Townspeople ask for all kind of products during the event including temporary event products. If you fill their orders you'll get evil points in return and move closer to your reward.

Halloween GoodsEdit

Goods Materials
Made in
Pumpkin Level 8
3 coins 8 coins 3xp 25m Fields
Pumpkin Pie Level 8
Pumpkin pie
3 wheat
2 pumpkins
1 egg
35 coins 15xp 50m Bakery
Pumpkin Chips Level 14
Pumpkin chips
3 pumpkins 31 coins 13xp 2h30m Snack Factory
Halloween Costume Level 31
Halloween Costume
3 silk fabric 139 coins 60xp 1h30m Tailor Shop

Personal Event GoalsEdit

Complete your first personal goal to help contribute to the global event goal.

  • The Beginning: Cursed House
  • Completed: Cursed House

Personal Event RewardsEdit

Keep luring monsters into the castle to make it even spookier and earn additional prizes. You'll also help the entire community reach the Global Event goal and get a valuable reward! After the 5th goal the race continues and you will get new goals and rewards as long as you go on. The rewards are random after 5th stage.

Goal Need Reward Preview
1st Goal 22 Points 3 Tcash
3 Cash
2nd Goal 75 Points Pumpkin Man
Pumpkin Man
3rd Goal 165 Points Sarcophagus
4th Goal 303 Points Tree with Pumpkins
Tree with Pumpkins
5th Goal 455 Points Cursed House
Cursed House
6th Goal+ 160+ Points
per chest
Treasure Chest
+1 Random Material,
+1 Tcash, or +3 Tcash
Event Chest

Global Event GoalEdit

Score 635,000,000 evil points along with other players and earn a special reward.
We did it! Together we built the spookiest castles ever! Each player receives: 10 T-cash

All Spooky Castle DecorationsEdit

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