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  • Level
    • TownLevel Town Level
    • ZooLevel number of Zoo Animals
    • Golden League icon Gold League
    • Silver League icon Silver League
    • Steel League icon Steel League
    • Copper League icon Copper League
    • Wooden League icon Wooden League
  • Prices
    • πŸ† were event prizes at least once
    • ❀️ could be gifted to friends during a Valentine or Friendship Day event
    • πŸ› were Event Sales at least once
  • other
    • ⭐️ are animated
    • πŸ’§ must be placed on water
    • ⬆ are upgradable
    • 🚧 are fences or fence-like decorations
    • 🚏 are Town Signs
    • 🚫 can't be placed in the zoo
    • πŸŽ„ change during the winter/Christmas updates

Prices are always the most recent ones.

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