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Missing data is marked with a '?' , '-' or sometimes left blank. You can view information about tables here.

General Table Information
Order № The number and/or order of Community Buildings, Factories, Houses, etc. available.
Materials Materials needed to make the product. If you tap and hold a product in a factory you can see the materials for the product, and how many you have in the barn.
Level Needed Your level to be able to make the product or build the factory.
The sale price of the product in your barn or at the Zoo.

You can sell products in your barn, and see the price per unit if you set the quantity to 1.
If you upgrade coins earned for a factory at the Academy of Industry it will be applied to products when selling them via helicopter, train, and plane. (Not including the barn).

Cost. What it will cost to purchase the product/building/item.
Visit the Coin page to find out ways to earn coins.
Materials required to complete Community Buildings.
Materials are earned from train or plane orders as well as gift boxes or cash chests.
Tools required for land and zoo expansions.
Tools are earned from train or plane orders as well as gift boxes or cash chests.
Experience is earned for leveling up when collecting a finished product from a factories shelf or when you complete a building/task. You'll see the amount of xp earned for a short time after collecting products, harvesting crops from fields, or completing a new building for example. If you upgrade factory xp at Academy of Industry it will be applied to the products when selling them via the helicopter, train, and plane. (Not including factories).
Time it will take to produce or get the product/item/building without any factory upgrades.
Upgrades at the Academy of Industry will reduce the time of factories, trains, and ships.
Dealer Available Icon.png
Maximum quantity to buy for goods searched using the Dealer at the City Market.
Help Icon.png
Maximum quantity for requests available every 3 hours in your Co-op.
Max population.png

Max population or population cap added from Community Buildings
The highest population available in your Town.

Population required.png
Population or population required.
People moving in.png
Additional population added from Houses.
Additional houses will unlock fields and more land expansions.
Max Houses.png
Maximum amount of a house available to add additional population.
Size of Buildings placed anywhere in your town using the editor.
Some buildings and decorations can range from 1 x 1 to 3 x 3.

The amount of Tcash earned from completing various tasks.
Visit the Cash page to find out ways to earn Tcash.


Factory attributes can be upgraded in the Academy of Industry 5% at a time. Only time will affect the factories. Experience and coin upgrades will apply when selling the products to townspeople (via helicopter, train, or plane). The tables on the wiki are listed without upgrades because all players factory upgrades are different, so you need to calculate what the reduced production time will be using your upgrades in the Academy of Industry if it's 5%, 10%, 50%, etc.

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