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Township Wiki Edit


I am just curious on who is responsible for maintaining this wikia page, and how long has it been up? I am an active Township player on both Android and iOS platforms. In early June, I searched wikia for a Township page, and I swear, I could not find one. This one "appears" to have been around since maybe December 2013, if I am correct? So since I didn't find one, or even this one if it's been up since then, I created a wikia for Township and called it the Township Encyclopedia. Its still a work in progress. But I don't want to step on anyone's toes and I have no issue with anyone else having the responsibility of providing helpful information for the game. I have a few articles that could be helpful for your page, well at least one anyways. I figured out a formula for the animal feeds. It does appear that yours is well more informative than mine, so I have no dispute with completely taking mine down if yours is sufficient. Please let me know if you would like any help with contributing to this one.

Reply to Talk: Township Wiki Edit

I don't think there is anyone in particular who is "responsible" for this site. It is a community wikia, so anyone can contribute. If you want to keep your page, I'm sure no one would object, but it would help everyone out if you also contribute here, it's great to have all the information possible combined in one easily accessed location.

Looking forward to your contribution.


Reply to Talk: Township Wiki Edit

There is an admin. He's been inactive for a very long time. If you are an active player/contributor, I think you can contact wikia for promoting your account to an admin because there are some features and options only available to admin, which could greatly improve our page. Even though I'm just a normal contributor, feel free to contact me for further information.

by duykhang91

Reply to Talk: Township WikiEdit

I have been updating this Wiki for over a week now - and the only contributor I met was an anonymous contributor who deleted a section and wrote "up in my ass" - also there is no respons at all to the messages I left.

Therefore I took the freedom to edit the home-page and ask for a new administrator. We need help to get some system in all the nice sites - and we still need a bridge :))

Best regards, Birthe Hansen (talk) 09:22, July 28, 2015 (UTC)

Township Money Edit

I wish you could use the Township change to buy Township Green money instead of using real money.  Roweville, 

Nancy Rowe

Township Wiki Navigation Edit

I've updated navigation on the Wiki today, so hopefully it's easier to browse. Links to specific factories and zoo enclosures/shops have been removed, and Factories has been moved under the Buildings section now. Also Decorations has been moved from the Other section and now has its own section!

If you have any suggestions for the navigation: different ways to order links in sections, links to be added, broken links, etc. you can post in the Wiki Discussion Board or add a topic here. Hope you're enjoying the new winter update!

Brendon90 (talk) 19:14, December 9, 2016 (UTC)

Barn Suggestion Edit

My biggest problem is my Barn, never enough room.  I would love to see and most likely others a separate building that you could get at level 40 let's say.  It could be a 'warehouse' strictly for mining and building supplies instead of the barn, collecting slabs, bricks, and window panes forever to complete your building project.  NEED A WAREHOUSE BUILDING PLEASE! 14:11, April 5, 2017 (UTC)

Reply to Barn Suggestion Edit

I agree that we need more storage room, but juggling barn goods, materials, tools, etc. is part of the strategy of the game. If you're stuck with a full barn try to sell off some building materials or complete some helicopter orders, etc. You can easily get back materials from trains, and any goods from market boxes or Raja if necessary.

Playrix has already posted an official announcement on the forums of what they are unable to implement into the game, and unfortunately that suggestion is one of them.

Brendon90 (talk) 02:44, April 7, 2017 (UTC)

Regatta Participation Requirements Edit

Please post if there are regatta participation requirements. It states co-op must participate or be demoted. To meet requirement, can only 1 person participate to stay in same league? If so, maybe change to "at least one member of co-op must compete in regatta or co-op will be demoted to next league". Thank you for info & and TY for a fabulous Wiki Page 2600:1700:B940:95F0:E19F:B47F:65BA:6270 18:28, March 2, 2018 (UTC)