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    • Example Post

      Blackthorn Town

      Town Name: Blackthorn Town
      Co-op Tag: #TBVJNZ
      Description: This is Eddieblake's town. I like the sandy roads used in the farm/fields area, and the placement of the Townhall, decorations, and flags to create a fancier Township Hall. Also the trees, houses and area with the hospital, fire and police department make it feel like a comfortable and safe Township to be in.

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    • Thanks for the review Brendon90.

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    • Town: Raging Bulls Co-op: Townscapes (I’ve created this for anyone that would like to swap design ideas or just be helpful) Co-op tag: #WN22NN

      Welcome to Raging Bulls! :)

      I wanted to create a rustic town you could imagine yourself walking through. I love the feeling of being nostalgic for a place that doesn’t exist!
      Raging Bulls Town

      Raging Bulls

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    • You may have to do an updated review of my town.

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    • Town Name: 黄金港 (Translates to "La Dorada". It's from Love in the Time of Cholera: "Let us keep going, going, going, back to La Dorada".)

      Co-op Tag: #GRE4CE

      Description: I grew up in Beijing, a monstrous metropolis. Now I live in a tiny town and I really miss being in a big city. I created my town to be a utopian city like the ones in DreamWorks animations. It was inspired by some of the best cities in the world. I wanted it to be as real as possible and I would go to sleep dreaming of arriving here via the train.

      Town Center

      The Eiffle Tower is the center of the city. I put it like how I saw it in those videos of Paris.

      IMG 0079

      To the north is a European style plaza, also inspired by a plaza I saw in a video of Paris. I'm still working on it.

      I really wanted to create an authentic Chinese park. The willows trees merging together into blobs of green clouds along the banks of a river is so nastolgic to me. And the other half of the park is American, cozy, and simple. I love my park!!! :)

      IMG 0080

      This part was inspired by one of my favorite book serieses, His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass. My favorite place in the books was the deserted City of Cittàgazze. It was coastal, warm, magnificent, and spooky. I was so enchanted.

      We've all struggled with not having enough space to lay out the houses nicely. I found that this bean pod shape saves a lot of space and makes the buildings look like the ones in Barcelona.

      IMG 0082


      Offset 292796
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    • You have a beautiful town!

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    • Thank you!

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    • Great work, you're town looks nice!

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    • I love the "stacked" look. I came up with a vey basic version but I would like to do one with decorations instead of buildings because I think it would be prettier. I have seen people do this but when I tried it didn't work. Does anyone know of a video or step by step tutorial anywhere? Thanks! Here is the little one I made...

      IMG 1654
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    • BellaTrixiland
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    • Did you get any leads on how to do the stacking. I love that look

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    • Here's a picture of the 3D-hill in my town (tap to enlarge):

      Screenshot 20190509 new 3D hill 1-min

      I'm sorry I have no advice how to do it - I got the idea from someone mentioning LornaG's town in the forum (can't find it anymore, though), and then got some helpful explanation in Coop from someone speaking my mother tongue; even then it was a bit complicated to describe - doing it was easier!

      (ok, once you know how to do the staggered arrangements, but then it's rather uniformly) :)

      And to BellaTrixiland, if she ever returns here: I haven't seen any with decorations. I imagine it won't work so well, as we rarely have enough of one deco, except - see above <g> - houses and trees.

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    • A FANDOM user
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