• Hello, bonjour, cómo estás, 你好吗?

    Wherever you're from it's always nice to make friends with virtual farmers, or other people that enjoy doing similar things. So go ahead and tell a short story about yourself below!

    Here's some thoughts to get you started:

    • How did you discover Township?
    • What is your invitation code?
    • What you do besides obsessing over Township updates?
    • Where are you from?
    • What interests you?
    • Anything else you'd like to share...
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    • Hi, Townshippers

      I'll start by telling you a little about myself. I'm Brendon or Brendon90. I'm from Ontario, Canada and I enjoy designing graphics, gaming, listening to music, writing guides and telling stories. I'm currently studying to become an animator, game developer, or graphic designer or a combination of the 3.

      I started playing Township on April 2016 after I discovered it through an in-game advertisement in another game I played. I found the Wiki after searching for Township information and tips, and have taken on what Birthe Hansen started. Hopefully it will be complete or come close someday with the help and support of others contributing to this amazing Wiki!

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    • Hey y'all, I'm Emily and I'm from Toronto! I like movies and games and millennial ennui. My degree is in economics and history and my life direction is in arts management.

      I started playing Township a little over a year ago because I wanted to design my dream city, and I began using the wiki to check out all the decoration possibilities. This community has been super friendly to me and I hope I'm able to give back by making a few wiki contributions here and there!

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    • Hello everyone.  My game name is Posie Wildflower and you will find me on facebook under  the same (still need more facebook friends!).  I am from Ontario, Canada.  This is actually the second time I started Township, came back because there really isn't another game like it out there.  Like Whomstdis, it is the designing I love; the possibilities are endless.  I am retired, love gardening and sewing.  Do a lot of reading, mainly sci-fi and fantasy genre. The Wiki is very well done and I refer to it daily; thank you to all who have put in so much work on the project.

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    • Hello! I am Stephanie from Indio California. I started playing Township 5 years ago because I love building things but not fighting wars (like so many other "building" games).  I am retired and in my late 60's.  Grandmother to 16, great grandma to 2.  I love using spreadsheets and have created one for Township that has all the receipes entered, minimum inventory requirements and all sorts of info.  Then I simply enter new heliocopter/train/zoo orders and the spreadsheet figures out what supplies/manufactured items I will need.  I constantly tweek it to improve the functionality. I love sewing, quilting, reading (good sci-fi especially) and have sold several original paintings. This Wiki is excellent and I am constantly using the data to improve my spreadsheet.

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    • Hi,

      I'm Ethan aka Ethan.Township and I recently became admin on this wiki. Aside from playing Township and managing this wiki I enjoy painting, gardening, and watching TV.

      I have enjoyed painting in Acrylic and Oil for about 3 or 4 years now. I paint mostly landscapes and sometimes even a seascape or two. I have also been gardening around my home for alomost 10 years now, however I don't like the heat so I do most Outside work during the morning. 

      I began playing Township on and off in 2014, around June of 2017 I began playing everyday and I'm slowly progressing along. I'm currently on Level 40, I think. I'm in a co-op of two, and we fluxuate between the silver & wooden leauges as we do not "regularly" participate in regattas.

      I hope you enjoyed my introduction, and enjoy you visit to the wiki.

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    • Hello.

      I’m Terry from Tucson. I am retired but am now a full-time Zumba instructor and loving every moment of it.

      I have been playing Township since March 2018 when I was recovering from surgery. I love the game and everything about it: designing my Township, progressing in levels, marveling at the creativity of the developers and Playrix team, racing in regattas, participating in the events, being in a co-op and making new friends, laughing and strategizing in chat and working together toward a common goal, helping people by sharing whatever goods I make with everyone, and so much more. I played everyday and continue to play daily.

      I’m at Level 112 and refer to the Township Wiki often. I love learning more and more things about the game. Thanks to all who make this Wiki possible.

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    • Welcome to the wiki!

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