• Can you check my activity in Summer Update page? Am i doing right? I can add other versions as well, till now.

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    • Yes as long as you follow the same format it's all good. I made a few of the dates bold and added the what's new part in, but other than that it was perfect. Thanks!

      The in-game update notes have more detail and sometimes have points not even mentioned on the shorter patch notes in the app store or posted on their Facebook page, etc.

      So if you can try to add the in-game patch notes by manually typing it, or using optical character recognition (OCR) software. There's many websites that can do it free such as:

      You just have to upload the screenshot / image with text and select "Text Plain (txt)" and press the "Convert" button and it will magically read the image and output the characters as text you can copy and paste. You might have to change the text slightly if it couldn't recognize some characters though.

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