• Hello Brandon,

    Playrix has been touting a Zoo  change, and I swear I cannot see one thing different about the zoo.  Have I gone completely blind?  I see where they posted about it, but there was absolutely no details at all. All my Township news said was "Redesigned Zoo" Collecting animals for your zoo just got more interesting!" That is it. So this morning I finally got enough timber to open the platypus enclosure and I saw nothing different.  Help!

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    • Hi Scifilady,

      I saw that they're showing off some sneak peaks of the new Zoo redesigm as well, but the update isn't out yet. I think it will be coming sometime in the new year. They're likely hinting at it now to build hype for when it's actually released.

      They can't make such a big change to the game without updating it on the appstores, so don't worry about it. We'll probably see some real sneak peeks soon. Then after the new update is released on the appstores we'll finally get to see the changes.

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    • Thank you kind sir.  Really appreciate this site and all that you and others do to maintain this site.

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