• I play every day and like the regattas, Aadorf Level 35

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    • Hey! Our code is #PEYCMZ - we left our other co-op a while back due to the leader and other members being inactive. We are in the process of working back up to gold league. Most of our members help 100+ times per regatta with a lot of ya helping 200+. All we ask if you participate in the regatta and help. Most of us finish max tasks and even buy the extra! We spend (too much) time in our clan and have become friends who enjoy roasting each other and laughing, Regattas and helping are important to us, however we enjoy playing for the fun and chatting. We do kick players that don’t participate in regattas or come in and continually request without ever returning the favor. We have simple rules: DO NOT STEAL TASKS!! And do not take House of Luck without the clovers to finish. Other than that, we are golden. We enjoy other active players who chat and are courteous. We’ve had to kick a few people for stealing tasks and making other players feel uncomfortable- this is unacceptable. Join us if you you’re interested!

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    • Hi I Just created my new co-op, I need co-leaders and new members.. hope you guys join and be my team ☺️ Mystic Falls. Co-op Tag: #MYSP77


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