• We are a very fun  and active co-op and have amazing teamwork in the gold league! We are looking to get another Golden Sail. Join our team and have as much fun as we won't be disappointed!!!  We are literally like family and laugh and chat a lot.  Players finish all tasks and we all help each other.  We do have a rule and that is NO DRAMA!  We hope you will join our amazing team and have as much fun as we do.  

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    • This is the best coop once I joined here I knew I found my home. They all work togther as a team and will tag off each other to help all members of the coop. They are regatta players and have so much fun togther as they compete. Warning you will laugh out loud often because they are hysterical. One thing I love is drama free zone .

      You shoukd come join and have fun with us. #HESFHG

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