• I am level 35, a relative new player and play the game regularly. I am on several times a day, a luxury provided by retirement and weather. (I would rather be fishing) But even with the weather permitting fishing I am on a couple of times a day. I enjoy the regatta but the Co-Op I am in now has a dismal 25% or so participation. I play on a PC if that is a consideration, I am not familiar with consoles so I am unsure if only like platforms can be in theĀ  same co-op. The search feature for co-ops is not very comprehensive. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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    • Hi and welcome to the wiki.

      Operating systems are indeed important in finding a co-op. If you play on PC, I assume you mean Windows.

      Our co-op search is a bit small. You may want to try the official forum. They also have dedicated threads for players and co-ops:

      Remember to mention you are playing on Windows.

      And while reading this wiki pleas bear in mind that Windows is several big updates behind. We try to mention where things are still different for Windows players, but accidents happen.

      If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ethan or me on our message wall.

      Happy townshipping and good luck with your co-op search!


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