• Hi Ethan! 

    As you might have noticed, I have been adding a few new images recently, but it has a light border, unlike other transparent images. Do you have any ides why this happens.. I have added an image here, to show you what I ment. 
    Snow Flake
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    • Hey! I did notice. It's actully an issue with the image itself. I edited it in photoshop and reuploaded it under that name.

      Hope this Helps!

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    • Thanks for fixing it. Personally my photoshopping skills are terrible.. What I do is I snip a screenshoot, using an app which is available in all computers- Snipping Tool (It looks like a sciccor).  Then I copy that to Gimp or Irfan View (Depending on the Background) and save. I think its the problem of the Snipping Tool after all. Will fix it

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    • No problem. I actually used Snipping Tool to fix the problem and I then uploaded it to Photoshop to remove the background.

      Hope this helps!

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    • Thanks Ethan! I have updated the images

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    • A FANDOM user
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