• What It Takes:

    Helping Hands is a team that loves to play more than we love to win. Everyone is expected to race, however, you’re cool to opt out if you won’t be able to meet our reasonable minimum of 2 tasks minimum per leg. Just tell us if you need to opt out! (Constantly opting out would result in our needing to say goodbye!) Everyone shares a ton in this group, but you need to have at least 10 helps each week to stay. (Obviously if you’re going on vacation, just give us a heads up!) We’re a close group who have been together for a couple months now and want to find others who know how to have a good time. Still, if you don’t follow our guidelines, you will get the boot!

    Why You’ll Love Us:

    You never wait long to have crates filled and we’ll keep you smiling as we maintain a good friendliness with one another.

    You Should Join Us If - You are friendly, positive, and interactive. - You generously help other players and make requests in turn. - You’ve read the guidelines here and it sounds like a good fit. - You can easily complete at least 2 high point tasks. -You are willing to join a Twitter group (@townshipcoop) to stay up to date on other info. - You can fluently read and write in English.

    How to Join Respond to this ad and answer a few questions.

    1. According to your profile, how many "other players helped"/

    2. According to your profile, how many "goods shared with co-op members"?

    3. Why do you want to join our co-op

    Then send a request through the game! Co-op tag: #HEGV49

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