• The first thing I look for is titles. If your team understands those, good. I don’t look twice at a racing team that’s mostly ‘members’. Frankly, mostly ‘co-leaders’ is unnecessary and a bit risky. I’m a good player and helper, but VERY sensitive to in-team squabbling and controlling players. I don’t engage, but I don’t stay. It’s HARD to find a friendly, balanced team that doesn’t get into weird power plays. If you have a team that co-operates with each other and behaves like mature adults who understand this is a Game, and think I can help, please reply.

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    • You should add the operating system that you're playing on.

      Good luck!

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    • Perhaps you'd consider joining us at the E-Lemon-Nators! We are very new and are looking for players/members as you just described. We'd need to know a little bit about you, too, but you seem to be the kind of member who would fit in really great.  We chat during the day - usually with humor, and we share goods whether a regatta is going on or not. 

      I hope you'll at least check us out and send me an in-game friend request.  (We have one player who is on Facebook, but most of us are not.)


      Co-op name: E-Lemon-Nators

      Co-op tag: #ES8XQV Co-op status: Open Platform: Android and IOS Number of members: 9 Required level: 25 Language: ENGLISH

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    • Ipad... and yes I like humor.

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    • Hi there Lynwylsii,

      Feel free to friend request me in the game or join Co-Op directly.  

      Your friend UstaBe

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    • A FANDOM user
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