• I am a very active player (pretty much all day, every day).  I'm level 59.  I'm looking for a very active coop that helps each other a lot,  participates in regattas and doesn't have rules around reserving tasks. If that sounds like a coop you have or are looking to build, please leave me your coop tag.

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    • I forgot to mention, I play on ios.

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    • Hi, we are a small, active and growing co-op that fits what you are looking for.  We are currently in the silver league, trying for gold and always welcome members who will help us get there and help the other team members.   We allow reserving tasks, if that's what you mean about not having "rules."  Hope to see you aboard the next regatta leg in 4 days - SleepyEel (Leader)

      The TransAtlantics, English, required level of 37, IOS/Android,  #HEGW85. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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