• This is the first time this race is happening, it is great that game is adding new features and event on top of regular ones!

    Is your co-op participating or not? If yes, is it yea or nay?

    My wonderful co-op is participating, we communicate quite well and are very friendly. I am the lowest level member and did prepare well (or so I thought). I read awesome guide written by beta testers Teddy & Becky:

    When the race started... ouch! Happily sent plane, Helicopter task fleeced me of my resources then came some ship tasks to unknown lands... A bit later more ship tasks to unknown lands, factory tasks with unknown factories... I mean, it's not only that I have slowest trains and factories, least amount of boats, smallest amount of resources for mining etc but also, I can't do a lot of tasks and can look at my tiny number of winding keys that is displayed for 'friendly co op competition' purposes ☹

    The last place is mine. Not that I doubted it but you know, seeing it there...

    At least in regatta I feel like a contributing member of the team. Here I feel I am slowing everyone down and my presence simply made things more difficult for everybody because they will have to do more to compensate...

    To conclude: I'm no champion and this race will not be seeing me again 👎

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    • Many unhappy campers due to race. Prefer regatta. Upside. Hoppers r very unhappy. They should be banned as unfair play instead of teaching how to do it best. Another form of taking advantage of hard working co op teams.

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    • Using mining tools right before 2 mining evens, crappy way to finish hard work of regattas

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    • With only 3 of our coop members playing impossible to complete some of the tasks in time.  Could be good if tasks were easier and better prizes, or you could delete tasks

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    • Tasks are whacky. Just got one for 3900 rice! Almost 4000, for a small co-op (8 participants). The random nature of the tasks and inability to dump terrible tasks makes this 'race' silly. Had to make 34 summer bouquets for only 66 keys, while much easier mining tasks rate full 135. Terrible - winner will be luckiest draw of tasks, not best racers. Won't participate again.

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    • The idea of the Race is good ,but.......(yes, there is always a but) how many clovers do the Devs think we have? In normal regatta HOL & Mining are my favourite tasks but to do 5-8 of those back to back with the quantities excessively high that is not my idea of fun.  Don't think I will race again!

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    • This is one of the stupidest events Township has ever created. It is impossible to plan for tasks. I have had two ships tasks come back with items only to find out the task has been completed. Same happened for jasmine and trees. It overloaded my barn so I ended up having to keep deleting stuff from the barn. And it is burning up my boosters when this happens. Not a happy camper!

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    • It is a good idea but needs to be done better. First, the tasks were way too repetitive. We got four helicopter tasks in a row and no one had anything left in their barns. Then the same thing happened with mining. Also, the tasks were too inconsistent, with some taking forever for a small co-op to complete and some being pretty easy but both might have equal reward. Finally, it was relentless, every hour more tasks, non stop, wiping out all of our supplies and after days of this, we got 75 cash. We worked hard! Reward should have been better. 

      I would suggest trying it again but with changes. It was much better than the usual inter season regatta thing.

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    • I do agree it is very exhausting and destroying supplies. I am also not certain their amounts take into account how many team members have access to some island...

      Gifts with individual tasks were quite nice, they became progressively better over time, there were ingots, gems, coupons...

      We figured out we were seeing different prizes. That likely depends on the level. The last prize was coins but we saw very different amounts and for first prizes items were completely different. I don't know why zoo cards are always offered like they are a wonderful prize. I have homeless animals and given choice, some building or expanding material would be nice. Or coins 🤣

      Near the end, we figured a different approach. The idea is to enter the race and plan to lose. If there are tasks with gifts and they don't seem too tedious, then by all means yes. So, in the race for gifts and last prize.

      I think I would appreciate a little break. With regatta, we work for a limited number of tasks and that's it. Free the rest of the week. And with this no downtime, to recharge batteries, replenish reserves etc.

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    • MaggieAkaEiggam wrote:
      .... I am also not certain their amounts take into account how many team members have access to some island...

      I took pictures of most tasks we did, i think we were 13 competing, is there a place where i can put this data when i write it down to a spreadsheet? so that we can compare, i mean, if for the same number of racers, all coops get the same amounts in tasks, irregardless of racer level. The ones that would come up the most often would be very easy to compare i believe. Also it would be nice to have a catalogue of what tasks are like, we initially had a whole bunch of rubber and silk planted in our fields, just sitting there for more than a day waiting for a harvest tasks that never came... now we know better not to do that...

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    • That sounds like a great idea!

      I don't know whether the page for this is the right place or perhaps we can have a thread per current event and contribute what are our task so we can figure out if they change depending on level of members in the group and similar. We can then link the threads to the page so all the info can be easily found.

      Will take screenshots next time, don't know why I missed that this time, I'm usually more organised 😂 I'm afraid I'm still a newbie here, recently celebrated my 30 days in game 🤗

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    • My coop hated this race because the rewards were not great and people who participated were not given much if any rewards! Not one team member liked it!

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    • A FANDOM user
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