• If you have any thoughts on...

    • Changing/improving the layout of the main page
    • Links to be added/changed/removed on the main page
    • Any broken links in the navigation
    • Links you think belong in other sections
    • Links that are missing or you'd like to see in the navigation
    • A better way to organize certain links in the navigation
    • Changing the layout of certain pages or templates

    ...or anything at all you're welcome to post your suggestions here.

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    • Hi,

      You have so much great information that helps me with the game.  The only suggestion is to update the regatta task list with the new tasks.  I haven't checked yet but probably some other pages need updating as well since the last update.  

      Thanks so much for the work you put into this site, it is very much appreciated.

      Kind Regards,


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    • Hi Eileen,

      I would like to update the new Regatta tasks, but unfortunately I can't find the information anywhere. I might have to manually update it when the tasks appear, or if anyone already has the information I'd appreciate if you could post it as a comment on the Regatta page.

      I know a few pages might need updating since version 4.6.0, so let me know if you find anything missing or incorrect on any pages. You're welcome to edit the page or leave a comment on what needs to be updated.

      You've very welcome, I couldn't have done it without the contributers who have helped make it even better!

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    • A FANDOM user
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