• I noticed someone ("A Fandom User") just changed the minimum quantity for popcorn on the Airplane Quantities page. How is this being verified? It seems unless you are playing the game at a very low level (just when airport is first available) it would be very hard to know what the minimum quantity is. I can see changing the maximums as those might increase at higher levels, but not minimums.

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    • I trust players 100% that they are updating the correct information from airplane requests in-game. It helps a large number of players knowing how many products to prepare in advance, so updating false information wouldn't do any good for anyone including themselves.

      From the information on the main pages 2nd poll (Zoo) I think there are quite a few players with lower level Towns browsing the Wiki, so it's good quantities are being updated on both ends.

      It's hard to say what any minimum or maximums are for products because Playrix is frequently updating the game without letting us know of these changes. I can confirm in recent updates they have increased both train and plane quantities, and players are reaching new level highs which is why the page is also updated frequently. Also I think minimum quantities have been lowered at some point as well, and a lot of the minimum values aren't up to date because players don't stay at that level very long.

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    • A FANDOM user
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