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Town Day 2016 Event

Sept 15, 2016

Town Day 2016 Event IntroductionEdit

The townspeople decided to celebrate for Township's Birthday and decorate their houses with balloons. Sadly, there aren’t isn't enough balloon makers that can keep up with the steady stream of orders. You're our only hope! Handle townspeople's orders to make balloon animals, which you can in turn use to make the townspeople happy and earn happy smiles.

Town Day Event Guide

Town Day 2016 Event GuideEdit

Fill townsperson orders to earn balloons, and then assemble inflatable decorative figures using them to get smile points. Collect as many points as you can before time runs out to win valuable prizes.

International Cake Day GoodsEdit

Townspeople ask for all kind of products during the event including temporary event products.
If you give them what they want you'll get smile points in return and move closer to your reward.

Recipes Material
Orange Balloon ? ?xp ? coins
Blue Balloon ? ?xp ? coins
Green Balloon ? ?xp ? coins

Personal Event GoalsEdit

Complete your first personal goal to help contribute to the global event goal.

  • The Beginning: Town Day 2016
  • Completed: Town Day 2016

Personal Event RewardsEdit

Keep on making balloon figures to pick up additional rewards! You will also help the entire community reach its Global Event goal and earn a valuable prize. After the 5th stage the race continues and you will get new goals and rewards as long as you go on. The rewards are random after 5th stage.

Goal Need Reward Preview
1st Goal 38 Points 3 Tcash
Event reward t-cash
2nd Goal 110 Points Balloon Arch
Balloon Arch
3rd Goal 199 Points Inflatable Dog
Inflatable Dog
4th Goal 333 Points Flying House
Flying House
5th Goal 520 Points Inflatable Number 3
Inflatable Number 3
6th Goal+ 160+ Points
per chest
Items or 1/3 T-Cash
Spooky Castle Extra Chest

Global Event GoalEdit

Join forces with other players to collect ???,000,000 smile points and pick up a reward.
Together we reached the goal: we collected a record number of happy smiles during the event!
As a reward, each player receives: 10 T-cash

All Town Day 2016 DecorationsEdit

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