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Township Wiki has the latest information on the mobile and PC version of Township published by Playrix.
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We are a community of players who work together to contribute and share information.
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May 2021
Update May 2021.png

Get ready for a new update!

Seaside adventures and more


  • Get a dose of vitamin sea in your favorite event with the Gold Pass!
  • Perform regular in-game actions, earn points, and win awesome rewards.
  • Extra rewards for players who open the suitcase!


  • Venture back into the jungle a year after the original quest!
  • Build bridges between rocky pillars to get to ancient artifacts!
  • Collect stars to spin the Prize Wheel!


  • Compete with other mayors in the Transport Magnate and Mine Time tournaments.
  • Take part in a new mysterious regatta season!


  • Special offers to boost your resources!
  • Town expansion.

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Recent Blog Posts

Cemblack Cemblack 25 days ago

Individual Goods Pages

On the 8th May 2021 I envisaged, consulted and started a project to create individual Goods pages for easy viewing and searching on the wiki.

My thought was "I find that when I have too much of one product in my barn and instead of just selling it I'…

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Eddieblake Eddieblake 19 April

New Town

I'm now playing Township on my new PC. Which of course means a brand new town.

I am now the mayor of Lumiose Town.

But I really do miss my old town, Blackthorn. (Hopefully that town is still in the Playrix server)

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Degstoll Degstoll 12 March

Township Expenses

Something that I don't like about Township, is that many things are so expensive, just today, I leveled up to LV. 29, and it costed 8 000 coins to repair the port, I only had like 2 000, so what I did is sell all the items at my barn and some decors…

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Degstoll Degstoll 8 March


In my opinion, I've seen many event rewards that might not be worth it, for example in the Great Fright event, some rewards (like the 2nd reward, 2 dynamites) aren't that nessecary.

It'll be better if the where more helpfull rewards in that event. B…

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Sokrates20 Sokrates20 15 February


witam jeśli jesteś nowy porzebujesz pomocy nauki w grze township zapraszam na grupe fb Township polska lub na mije konto fb Dziki Paweł chętnie okaże wam sposoby fajne do grania

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