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Grammieinmiami305 Grammieinmiami305 2 days ago

Introduction to Wiki

Hi, you can call me "Giggles" or "Grammie"... I'm busy in Regatta right now but will have lots of things to ask & share in here now & then..

I'm a co-leader of a great Co-op in Township... We were gold but leader left due to health so we created n…

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RockyRuud RockyRuud 20 days ago

Sculptures of Ice and Snow

Playrix is ​​slowly but surely adding more ice sculptures to the collection of decorations.

This was the inspiration for me to decorate my cave in my Christmas village with that theme.

Also in real life we ​​once visited an Ice Sculpture festival. Of …

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RockyRuud RockyRuud 9 December 2021

Wintervillage on your windowsill

One of my hobbies is building Winter Villages. It started small, on the sideboard with ceramic houses that could hold tealights.

There were many impressive Christmas villages on the Christmas shows we visited, which inspired me to do more with them a…

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February 2022
2022 January Update.png
It's winter in Township!


  • Celebrate Valentine's Day with Township in a new season adventure!
  • Complete tasks in town and in ongoing events to win rewards.
  • Buy the Golden Ticket to get premium rewards!


  • Help Fabrice renovate a cozy chalet in the mountains.
  • Beat match-2 levels to win renovation tickets.
  • Win rewards as you renovate and a grand prize when you're finished!


  • Help runaway sheep find their way back home in a fun new mini-game!
  • Collect stars along the way to win prizes.
  • Join the competition and show other mayors what you've got!



December 2021 and January 2022
2021 December Update.png
'Tis the holiday season in Township!


  • Enjoy a new season adventure from December 9 to January 10!
  • Complete tasks in town and in ongoing events to win rewards.
  • Don't miss your chance to get themed decorations: Santa's Workshop, Gingerbread House, Hot Springs, and Magic Number.


  • Who said you need a break between season adventures? Not us! Join us for a trip to space on January 10!
  • Purchase the Golden Ticket to reskin your plane as a launch vehicle and your airport as a spaceport!
  • Complete all the stages with the Golden Ticket to unlock a rocket full of rewards!


  • Help Lennon and his family celebrate a train car! The event will take place from December 16–26.
  • Beat match-2 levels to win renovation tickets that you can spend on decorating the train car with new furniture and festive garlands.
  • Win rewards as you renovate and a grand prize when you're finished!



Event Calendar December 2021 and January 2022

Christmas Miracles and Space Challenge

Mayor's Competitions

Mayor's Events


The inclusion of any of these events are subject to Playrix providing them to individual players. Not all players will get these events or special offers.

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