Welcome to the Township Wiki and thank you for stopping by, the following is a list of rules set out by admins and top contributors of the community. We would like to make sure that the Township Wiki remains a friendly place to gather information and contribute. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact an admin here.

We may amend these rules at any time.

Each rule is measured in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, Degrees. Check the block table below.

  1. Please be kind to other users at all times, even if they have a different opinion than you. (1st Degree)

  2. No spamming, vandalizing, trolling the wiki, or badge gaming (Where you make unconstructive edits to get badges) is considered vandalism and will get you banned. (1st degree)

  3. If you encounter a troll, limit your contact with it. If you respond to these trolls, your giving them attention, which is what there looking for. (1st degree)

  4. No Profanity, kids play and probably visit Township Wiki, so keep it clean. (2nd degree)

  5. Editing Wars (Where one user reverts another's edit and vice versa) are not permitted on this wiki. If this happens, you can approach an admin or moderator and ask them to combine or choose which the best version for the page. If you continue, you can get banned for two weeks and the page will be locked as a “cool off” period. (2nd degree)

  6. Please do not share personal information such as email, phone number, or social media accounts as that information will be removed.

  7. These rules in addition to the forum rules, here, apply to the forums.

  8. Make sure all images that you upload here are pertaining to Township. We do make exceptions for images on profile pages, but we will delete any images that are not in use or we do not feel are appropriate on this wiki.

  9. Any user can revert poor or bad-faithed edits, however if it’s not vandalism, spam, or gibberish please let an admin know why you would like to revert an edit. (1st degree)

  10. Do Not delete any content from the wiki without approval from an administrator or community moderator.

  11. Please DO NOT copy information from another site, as it is plagiarism and will be acted upon by administrators.

  12. If you use information from this wiki, please give credit including a link back to this site.
Degree First Degree Second Degree Third Degree

May not edit

for 1 day up to

1 week

suspended from

editing for 2-3 weeks

Blocked for 2 week

or up to 30 days


May not edit for

two weeks up to

20 days

suspended for 30


Blocked for three months

The third offense means your account, IP address, and additional accounts created will be block forever. If you break multiple rules, you will be blocked for a longer period of time. In some cases we may block an account permanently without warning. Please Note:

  1. Warnings are messages left by administrators on message walls. These are not to be removed, expert by admins. If you believe you got an unfair warning, leave a message on an administrators message wall. (3rd Degree)

  2. Blocks are issued by admins, bureaucrats, community moderators, and in certain cases Fandom themselves. This is where a user cannot edit usually for a few weeks or months and sometimes indefinitely.

  3. Contact admins if you have any questions or concerns, if an user is not available to answer a question visit CC and they likely have an answer for you.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.