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Township has synced iOS, Android with Mac. You can now transfer your Town from, for example, an iOS phone to an Android tablet. An additional advantage is that players with these three different platforms can now become friends and form co-op together. Something that was not possible before the synchronization. Windows, however, is on a separate server and unable to be connected with the other platforms.
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Transferring your Township data to another device

You can transfer the game progress from your old device to your new one if it's connected to one of the social networks supported by Township (Google Play Games and/or Facebook).

Here's how to do it:

  1. Install the latest game version from the application store on your new device.
  2. Open the game and finish the tutorial.
  3. Open the game settings and connect the newly installed game to the same social network account you used on the old device.
  4. Select your old town in the pop-up window and download it.
  5. Type CONFIRM to finish and start playing Township on the new device!

Note: Game progress transfers are only available between iOS and Android devices. To transfer your Township data from one device to another they must be on the same operating system (OS). Example: Android to Android, iOS to iOS, etc. Unfortunately, the current version of the game can't be transferred from Windows Phone or between Mac to Android/iOS Devices.

How do I save my game progress?

Your game progress is saved automatically if your device is connected to the internet, so it won't be lost even if you reinstall the game.

You can also link your progress to the social network accounts you connect to the game. The current game version supports Facebook. All you have to do is connect to the social network to automatically associate your game progress with it.

Note: If you reset all the settings on your device, you can only restore your progress on your own if the game is connected to a social network. That is also the only way to transfer progress from one device to another. If your town is not connected to a social network and you want to transfer or restore your game progress, please contact Playrix's customer support.

Can I have multiple towns on a single device?

It's not recommend downloading more than one town to a device. Every town has a unique ID associated with the device on which the game was started, and trying to download another town could override the original. If that happens, it would be inevitably lost.

Can I have the same town on several devices?

You can only synchronize your game progress on multiple devices when your town is associated with one of the social networks supported by the game.

There's a number of requirements besides that though:

  • You must have the latest game version on both devices.
  • Cross-platform syncing is only available between iOS, Android & Mac.
    • Example: You can't sync between iPad & Windows.
  • Synchronization through Game Center, Google Play, and GameCircle is only available within the platform where the original game is installed.
    • Example: You can't sync devices on iOS and Android using Game Center.

Here's how to sync your devices:

  1. Install the game on a different device and enter it.
  2. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  3. Connect the game to the same social network account you use on the first device.
  4. A window telling you to download the saved game from our server will pop up.
  5. Select Yes and type CONFIRM. Your game progress will be transferred.

NOTE: The downloaded save file will completely replace your current progress on the new device. If you want to continue playing your new game, don't synchronize. Instead, use a social network account different from the one associated with Township on your other device.

Playing on multiple devices:

If you are playing on multiple devices to it's best to close Township on all of them except the device you are currently using. It's not recommended to play on 2+ different devices because the server doesn't always sync properly between the devices, so a lot of the time 1 device can be far behind the other(s). Also occasionally friends won't be able to see your trains or help you load them. Don't panic if your main Township device is behind. If you wait it out eventually the server will sync the latest version saved of your Township, but it can be quite annoying while they're out of sync.

Other device is still not in sync with your latest Township:

If the game is not restoring your level or most recent changes with your Township you can try this:

  1. On the device with your latest Township (highest level) do an action like harvesting a crop, taking an item off a factory shelf, etc. then disconnect your Facebook and/or Google Play Games accounts then re-connect them.
  2. Install Township on your other device and make sure it is disconnected, and hasn't been connected to any previous social network accounts for Township.
  3. After that wait for a few minutes then connect to Facebook and/or Google Play Games accounts on that device. This should allow the game to update the latest changes of your Township on your other device.

How do I connect my game to Game Center?

Create a new profile in the Game Center app for iOS versions earlier than 10.0.0:

  1. Open the Game Center app on your device.
  2. Enter your Apple ID username and password in the pop-up window.

You can only create one Game Center profile per Apple ID. Make sure you remember your Apple ID information, as you'll need it if you want to replace or reformat your device.

Create a new profile in the Game Center app for iOS 10.0.0. and later:

  1. Open the device settings.
  2. Select Game Center from the list of apps available on your device.
  3. Tap the Sign in button.
  4. Enter Apple ID login information that is not associated with a Game Center profile, otherwise you'll download the town associated with that profile.

Restore an existing town using Game Center:

  1. Open the device settings.
  2. Select Game Center from the list of apps available on your device.
  3. Tap the Sign in button.
  4. Enter the Apple ID login information you used for your previous Game Center profile.
  5. Log into the game, select the town you want to restore in the pop-up window, and type CONFIRM to download it.

IMPORTANT NOTE! There is no guarantee that Game Center will work correctly.
Please contact Customer Support if you weren’t able to download your town after connecting to Game Center. If you are connected to a different account at first, make sure to sign out of that one, and then log into your previous Apple ID, if you are a kid, or if you need to for any other reason.

Contacting Playrix's Customer Support

If you're having a hard time transferring your progress contacting Playrix's customer support is a last result if you've tried all of the above and your Township still hasn't been restored. You can view more information on contacting Playrix's Customer Support here.