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Tree of Light Event

Jan. 26 ~ Feb. 2, 2017

Tree of Light Event IntroductionEdit

Grow an amazing decoration for your town by filling orders! Install the Tree of Light '3 x 3' decoration for free to take part in the event. This magical decoration will grow every time you complete a goal and remain shining in your town afterwards!

Character Event Information
Chinese New Year Reporter
Tree of Light Event Guide

Tree of Light Event GuideEdit

Celebrate Chinese New Year with a spectacular new event! Fill orders placed by the animal spirits to earn magic lanterns! Grow the tallest Tree of Light to earn valuable prizes.

Chinese New Year Spirit Animals

Tree of Light Spirit Animals

Spirit animals ask for all kind of products during the event including temporary event products. If you fill their orders you'll get more magical lanterns to help the tree of light grow.

Chinese New Year GoodsEdit

These products can be harvested or produced during the Tree of Light Event.

Goods Material
Made in
Tangerine Level 8
3 coins 25m 3xp 8 coins Fields
Fortune Cookie Level 8
Fortune Cookie
3 wheat
1 cream
1 sugar
40m 15xp 35 coins Bakery
Tangerine Cake Level 24
Tangerine Cake
3 tangerines
1 syrup
1 egg
1h 33xp 77 coins Pastry Factory
Fire Rooster Toy Level 14
Fire Rooster Toy
1 cotton fabric
3 cotton
1h30m 34xp 80 coins Tailor Shop
Red Envelope Level 18
Red Envelope
1 paper 1h 10xp 23 coins Paper Factory

Personal Event GoalsEdit

Complete your first personal goal to help contribute to the global event goal.

  • Tree of Light: Install
  • Tree of Light: Beginning
  • Tree of Light: 1st Goal Complete
  • Tree of Light: 2nd Goal Complete
  • Tree of Light: 3rd Goal Complete
  • Tree of Light: 4th Goal Complete
  • Tree of Light: 5th Goal Complete
Booster Description
Magic Lantern Booster
This booster doubles the number of magic lanterns you get for filling orders and is active for 2 hours. 1st is free, others cost 10 Tcash.

Personal Event RewardsEdit

Keep filling the holiday orders placed by animal spirits to get magic lanterns you can exchange for additional rewards later. You'll also help the entire community reach the global event goal and win a valuable prize.

Goal Need Reward Preview
1st Goal 56 Lanterns 3 Tcash
3 Cash
2nd Goal 143 Lanterns Paper Lanterns
+1 Emerald
Paper Lanterns
3rd Goal 281 Lanterns Money Toad
+1 Zoo Booster
Money Toad
4th Goal 452 Lanterns

Bowl of Wealth
+1 Mine Booster
+1 Ruby

Bowl of Wealth
5th Goal 645 Lanterns Fire Rooster
+15 Tcash
+Profile Pic 42
Profile Pic 42
Fire Rooster
6th Goal+ 840+ Lanterns
per chest
Treasure Chest
+1 Random Material,
+1 Tcash, or +3 Tcash
Event Chest

Global Event GoalEdit

Join forces with other players to collect 1,050,000,000 magic lanterns and pick up an additional reward.
We collected 1,152,196,823 lanterns! That's enough to light up the whole town for a year.
By the way, we also found a treasure chest with a reward: 10 T-cash.

Tree of Light Global Goal

Special Tree of Light DecorationEdit

When the event ends you'll be able to place the Tree of Light in your storage.

  • Tree of Light: Stage 1
  • Tree of Light: Stage 2
  • Tree of Light: Stage 3
  • Tree of Light: Stage 4
  • Tree of Light: Stage 5
  • Tree of Light: Stage 6 (Complete)

All Tree of Light DecorationsEdit

View all of the Tree of Light Decorations.

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